LIV GX1-A Swiss Made Automatic Watch


If you’re looking for the quality and craftsmanship of a Swiss watch, however with an affordable price tag, you’re looking at the LIV Genesis X1-A Automatic. The Swiss made watch boasts all the specs and finishes you would expect of its kind; a clean design with a three-dimensional multi layered construction and high quality anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the front and back. Yet, the LIV Genesis X1-A boasts to be the only Swiss Automatic watch ever launched on Kickstarter under $500, with prices starting on Kickstarter at $390.   It is clear that the Brooklyn-based boutique company had the...

LIV Watches Kickstarter Project Presents The LIV Genesis X1


The LIV Watches Kickstarter Project introduces the LIV Genesis X1, “an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for the man who won’t be told what to do.”   Watch Features and Benefits: Beautiful looking: The watch’s multi layered dial highlights every detail of painstaking and innovative technique used. It exposes areas that would otherwise remain unseen to the eye, such as corners and edges. Swiss Made: Only Swiss precision for The LIV Man. The Movement: The Genesis X1 uses a highly precise Swiss Quartz Chronograph movement, the RONDA startech Caliber 5040.D. Water resistant: The Genesis X1 has undergone...

Review: Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400

Logitech G400

I can say that this is a fantastic mouse that responds well and doesn't get in the way of your pwnage.

Review: Ballistic Apple iPhone 4/4S Shell Gel Case

Ballistic iPhone Case

Can’t seem to stop dropping your iPhone? Tired of seeing surface scratches on your prestine piece of space-age technology? Well Ballistic’s Shell Gel Case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s is just what you’re looking for! From Ballistic: “We understand that your iPhone 4 is of great importance to you – therefore we make it our mission to keep it protected for you. For those of you that crave the protection our Hard Core (HC) Series offers, but hate the size – let us introduce you to the Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for the iPhone 4....

Tuong Ot Sriracha: The Hot Sauce of Hot Sauces!

Sriracha, the king of hotsauce

Do you have a bland dish that needs kicking up? Are you looking for that special secret ingredient that will make your meals the talk of the table? Are you looking for the perfect hot sauce, with the ideal blend of heat and complexity? Well then, look no further, because your search is over. Tuong Ot Sriracha, better known as Sriracha or rooster sauce (not a translation), is the hot sauce that has been taking the culinary world by storm, and for good reason, it is obscenely delicious! Sriracha is a hot sauce made with sun ripened chilies and...

Review: GNC Live Well Blender Cup

GNC blender Bottle

The GNC Live Well Blender Cup is an extremely versatile and effective water bottle, perfect for sports nutirition.

Takeya Classic Glass Bottle


Written by: Julie Snyder Going green often starts with carrying your own water bottle. I was concerned with the tons of throw-away, plastic water bottles piling up in landfills. Eventually (maybe for you it was a much faster path) you get tired of metallic or plastic taste. I certainly did. I wasn’t just turned off by the taste, but concerned that the tainted water could harm my health. Besides, I wanted to be able to leave my water bottle in a hot car and come back for a swig later. Sure, hot water isn’t the most refreshing, but I...

60mm Deluxe Ergonomic Rotary Cutter (RTY-3DX)


Written by: Julie Snyder I began quilting in the dark ages…back when you used a ruler to mark your strips and a pair of scissors to cut them. Then one day a friend introduced me to a new product. I became firmly hooked to the rotary cutter. I couldn’t imagine a product that I’d like better. Fast forward a few years. My hands often became tired after cutting part of the pieces for a quilt top. I even changed hands and cut a while left-handed and then a while right-handed. Somehow the right-handed cuts were not as neat or...

OttLite High Definition Task Lamp Model OTL13TCG


Written by: Julie Snyder I quilt and knit. As the years have gone by, I’ve noticed I have a harder time working at night, especially if I’m working with dark colors. I had been using an adjustable floor lamp from Ikea with a CFL bulb — the kind you pick up at the supermarket. This lighting simply wasn’t illuminating my work space well enough. After spending an evening putting a project together, I would discover that the colors clashed horribly in natural sunlight. I’d heard good things about Ottlites and thought I’d give one a try. I chose the...

Microplane 4-sided Box Grater


Written by: Julie Snyder Are you tired of digging through a drawer for the perfect grater? Does your current kitchen tool seem to rip rather than shred the cheese? The Microplane box grater can and will turn those blocks of cheese, carrots or potatoes into piles of perfection. Incorporting four of Microplane’s most popular cutting blades in one easy-to-use tool, this convenient box grater handles everything from vegetables and citrus to cheeses and chocolate. The fine grater produces whisper thin shavings of any hard cheese or tangy bits of zest. The medium blade creates ribbons that melt into a...

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