Tom’s of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Aluminum-free Deodorant (683925) Review

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Tom's of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Aluminum-free Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant doesn’t actually last that long.

Written by: Emily Reynolds

When my boyfriend noted that the deodorant I was using contained aluminum, which has been called carcinogenic by some, I decided to try a more natural substitute. Tom’s of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Aluminum-free Deodorant (683925) seemed like a viable option, so I decided to switch and give it a try.

This natural deodorant is supposed to provide aluminum-free, long lasting, 24-hour protection against armpit odor. It goes on wet and leaves white residue, unlike my previous brand, Dove Original Clean (which I had been happily using for the past ten years or so). Tom’s of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Aluminum-free Deodorant #683925 smells faintly of lemon until you put it on, at which point it becomes odorless. This natural deodorant implements hops and zinc salts to prevent and trap odor; but honestly, it doesn’t seem to prevent much odor at all.

It claims to offer ’24-hour protection,’ but after using it for a few months I’ve found that a mere 3-4 hours after putting it on, the effects start to wear off. Mind you, this is after 3-4 hours of not really moving. I cringe at the thought of how much of this stuff I’ll have to slather on come summertime, when I actually get outside and start breaking sweats on a daily basis.

This deodorant’s greatest quality is, well, its quality. All the ingredients are natural; no animal testing or animal products are used; there are no artificial colors, scents, or preservatives. For the eco-conscious consumer, this would be the obvious choice. In addition, Tom’s of Maine is a company that prides itself on sustainable practices, packaging that helps reduce waste, and donating employee time to “human and environmental goodness.” Sounds like the kind of business I’d like to support. I only wish this particular product were more worthy of recommendation.


  • Aluminum-free
  • Natural
  • Produced by an American-based company that values high quality ingredients and sustainable practices


  • Doesn’t provide the kind of odor prevention advertised
  • Requires re-application throughout the day

Tom’s of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Aluminum-free Deodorant is great for someone concerned with carcinogens in their skin products. However, it doesn’t work so well doing what it’s actually designed for, which is keeping your pits clear of odor. It’s up to you to decide whether the possibility of getting cancer is worse than smelling like a gorilla all day long.

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