Bose Sounddock Series II

Bose SoundDock Series 2 Digital Music System

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Bose Sounddock Series II
Bose SoundDock, Series II, with remote. Ipod not included (Obviously.)

By: Caitlin Rojas

The Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System is, essentially, a high-quality portable sound system that you can attach not only your iPod to, but also any music player that comes with an auxiliary port, including a Microsoft Zune and almost any Android phone.

Bose is an incredibly trusted name when it comes to sound technology, and for a good reason. Their slogan is “Better Sound Through Research,” and its evident, even by this small speaker system, that they know what they’re doing. The sound from my Bose SoundDock is incredible. Its crystal clear and helps me appreciate even the most subtle sounds in fantastic music, from the harmonic “oohs and aahs” in The Beatles’  I’m Only Sleeping, to the sexy, fun, and undeniably dance-able clicks and rhythmic panting in Switch’s remix of Divine Gosa.

But not only can you listen to your own music on the SoundDock – with an AM/FM app, bought through Apple, you can easily turn the Bose into a radio and in turn, alarm clock. You can also attach a CD player via the auxiliary port, if that’s still how you roll.

This system also comes with an easier to use remote control, which allows you to flip through your playlists and change volume (but why go anywhere but up?) While the system is a slight 4.65 lbs, the downside to its portability is that the power cord is incredibly clunky, and is almost always in the way. Its got a two-part power cord, with one side attaching to the system, and another connecting a large battery to the power outlet in your wall. In order to move the portable system around, you have to pick up not only the system, but the cord and battery as well – something I’ve found myself clumsily doing more than a few times. The Bose SoundDock, Series II is available in both black, and a slick silver.

While the Bose is on the high end, price-wise, running for a steep $300 on Bose’s website, it offers you great sound that you can put anywhere in your home, whether its playing classical music while you prep dinner, blasting Kelly Clarkson while you take a shower, or getting a party started on your back patio with a big group of friends.

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