NOOK HD+ 32GB Tablet

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Nook HD+32

NOOK HD+32GB Wi-Fi Tablet

February 24, 2013 By: Debra Stoddard

Tablets are the so popular these days, and finding a great tablet is essential.  The Nook HD + tablet is a great tablet for work and concerned parents.  One of the features I love the most about the NOOK HD + is that there are no cameras on it.  This tablet is great for work and entertainment.  If you are looking for a tablet for work, the NOOK HD+ is great.  A wireless keyboard can be synced to allow for a computer feel.  The memory storage is great for work or entertainment.  The entertainment side does need some work.  The NOOK is an android based tablet, but it is not compatible with Google Play app store.  Barnes and Nobles has their own app store.  Unfortunately, it does not have as many apps as Google Play, and there are very few free apps.  Until recently, it was not possible to watch movies on my NOOK HD+.  The accessories for the NOOK HD+ are nice.  They include leather bound tablet holders that look very professional.  Even the colorful tablet holders have a professional appearance. 



  • Great HD display
  • Fast 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Light weight
  • Great accessories
  • Parental control friendly
  • Great for parents concerned with cameras
  • Large selection of free books
  • Better library system than competitors
  • Great price


  • Limited app store
  • Limited free apps
  • Not having a camera or web-cam is a con
  • The entertainment side of the tablet is limited

This tablet is great for people that want to work without carrying a laptop around.  It is also great for people that want to provide their children with a tablet, but they do not want to worry about pictures taken or web-cam videos produced using a tablet.  When I searched for a tablet, this was very important to me, and I found several other people wanted a tablet without a camera. 

This tablet is not great for someone who enjoys using the Google Play app store.  The lack of apps for entertainment on the NOOK HD+ will frustrate you.  Also, I have noticed the email system does not work very well with Yahoo.  I personally get frustrated with this, and I love my NOOK HD+ tablet, so people that want their email delivered to them as soon as possible, this might not be the tablet for you. 

All in all, it is a great tablet for work and parents. 

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