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Mome Graphic Novels

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Written By: Cynthia Gallegos

Mome graphic novel stands up by itself
Mome graphic novels are a fun and portable read

Do you have an active imagination? Does your fancy phone not entertain you like it used to? Recently, I encountered similar problems and thought I’d visit my local bookstore. That day I was introduced to Mome and it basically blew my mind. Mome is a quarterly issued book compiled of strictly  innovative, wonderfully creative, and stylist graphic comics.

Mome is distributed by Fantagraphics, a publisher that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Fantagraphics has the reputation of showcasing an assortment of the world’s most talented cartoonists. Most of the comics involve political, mysterious, silly, or present-day humor. But most times, they are simply unpredictable.

One of my favorite aspects of collecting Mome comics is that each volume features a linear storyline. Meaning when I purchase the next volume, I’ll be reading right where I left off. So by the end of the season I will see how the whole story unfolds.

The books are paperback, which makes them easy to stuff in a bag pack or medium sized purse. The books have excellent mobility, this is  highly important for a fun read. I often have to take public transportation and I’m always in need for a quick activity. The stories are creative distractions that force me into doing some light reading. I call that a win – win purchase.

I like to describe the comics like it is a variety show. If one comic does not please, I’m certain there is another cartoon that I’ll enjoy.

I find it a great way to relax,  it’s like a fantasy land where anything  can happen. It never feels like a chore, like most reading seems to me. Also when it comes to buying comics, I stay updated and constantly amused.

The only problem with Mome is that it is not suitable for all ages. Some of the cartoons have a serious or sexual message. I can easily find swears, nudity, sarcasm and gruesome illustrations. So please do not give these books to your children, because some of the content could be hard for a squeamish adult.


Bird playing the guitar on a office desk chair
Comics are unpredictable


  • Mobile
  • Easy read
  • Variety
  • Stylist 


  • Not suitable for all ages
  • Nudity
  • Profanity
  • Quarterly issue dates


So if you need to start a new collection or give a gift to a nerdy friend or read contemporary cartoons to pass the time. Mome will not fail you. It’s an amazing buy; each book ranges from $11 to $14.99 at Amazon or order a four issue subscription from Fantagraphics for $49.99.  I got addicted fast and you will too.


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