No More Writer’s Block with StoryCraft Ultimate Edition Software

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Written By: Christine Texeira

Who doesn’t want to write a novel? Your ideas, your words on paper for other people to enjoy and commend; that sounds fantastic. I have yet to attempt a novel, but as a writer of short stories I know how difficult it is to start writing and keep writing. Of course, when anything is even a little bit difficult you can be assured that there is some sort of technology to assist with the process. StoryCraft Ultimate Edition Software is that boost for writers.

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The Story Formula

StoryCraft is a program for Windows or Mac operating systems that provides step-by-step guidance through the creation of a story following the “Jarvis Method,” which the manufacturer defines as “what all civilization’s great myths — as well as literary classics — have in common. The Jarvis Method pulls it all together, and the software presents it in a form that allows you to systematically create well-structured, well-plotted stories.”

StoryCraft Ultimate Edition Software allows you to develop and keep track of the details of your characters, as well as providing prompts that force you to choose and maintain what type of story, hero, conflict and themes your story will utilize. All of its features are interesting, and great for someone just wanting to get words out onto a page. Someone truly serious about writing might appreciate navigating through character details, but would likely be disappointed by its creative limitations. Your hero and themes are defined from the very first screens, rather than molded and developed as the story organically progresses.

If your writers block is bad enough that you are willing to pay $139 to overcome it, then StoryCraft Ultimate Edition Software might be a good starting point. This software could also be helpful for beginners, but overall—if you’re looking to actually create a story that is not formulaic and forced, just grab a pencil and paper and look around you.

You’re probably still a little curious about what StoryCraft can do for you, and if you still want to check it out there are cheaper versions: Classic StoryCraftPro, StoryCraft Luxury Edition, and StoryCraft Screenwriter for anyone wanting that specific movie formula. There are a few comparable products out there that promise a complete novel as well, such as NewNovelist, which is cheaper than StoryCraft Ultimate Edition Software and features a page dedicated to new authors who have successfully used the software. I would recommend reading a few of those novels and deciding if they were successful, and something you wish you could write.

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