Alan's Texas State Vehicle Inspections

Alan’s Texas State Vehicle Inspections

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When you need your vehicle inspected, Alan’s Vehicle Inspections can’t be beat. With over a hundred reviews on Yelp putting them at a 5 star rating, they have proven their high standard of excellence. Alan’s performs Texas State Vehicle Inspections. They boast fast service, and great customer support. If hurried for time, or looking for a quality inspector, Alan’s is the place to go.

Alan's Texas State Vehicle Inspections
Conveniently located off N. Lamar, Alan’s provides excellent and speedy service

One of Alan’s Vehicle Inspections most prominent features is their speedy service. They advertise 10 minute service. This is great for people on the go. When I was looking for a vehicle inspection business, I wanted to find one that valued my time. Alan’s holds true to their promise and got me in and out in about 7 minutes. The reviews promote this aspect of their business as well. They are very convenient. Alan’s is easy to drop in, and drive out, quickly and painlessly.

Another main factor I looked for was cost. Car related businesses in general, do not have the best reputation. I wanted to find someone who could inspect my car, and would not try to nickel and dime me. Working with Alan’s turned out to be exactly what I wanted. They explained which items on my car were not up to standard, and told me local shops to take it to. After I got it fixed, I just drove right back, and they didn’t charge me anything extra. They will help out their customers. When one of my tail lights went out, they didn’t instantly make me go to a mechanic to pay to replace it. They just tried to adjust it, which turned it back on, and it’s still working great. The price ended up being under thirty dollars, even though they spent a lot of time with me. They are very much worth the cost when viewing them on a cost to benefit ratio.

A feature that I personally appreciate is that they are female friendly. I find I am often talked down to/at when I am in car or mechanic shops. Alan’s has excellent staff to assist with questions and concerns. They are very personable and knowledgeable. Each interaction was pleasant. They are easy to understand, meaning they don’t use technician jargon. I found them to be very helpful, as well as very fast.

There are other unique options for consumers to choose from. University Car Wash offers vehicle inspections and car washes. Though, they have lower reviews on Yelp, this could be a great way to multitask your time.


  • Fast Service
  • Inexpensive
  • Great Service


  • They only provide one service

For those just looking for a vehicle inspection, Alan’s stands out above the competition. They are fast, friendly, experts, running an honest business. I was very pleased with my experience and plan on using them in the future. For just 10 minutes, try Alan’s Vehicle Inspections. The cost is well worth it.

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