Brother HL-2070N Laser Printer

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Written by Matt Turner

For households that use multiple computers through a wireless network, the Brother HL-2070N might be the right choice for you. With a host of features that allow for timely and accurate printing jobs, this machine is effective, affordable, and compatible.

Brother HL-2070N Laser Printer
Brother HL-2070N Laser Printer

The Brother HL-2070N is a black and white laser printer that claims to match the speeds of previous models while improving upon the network Ethernet capabilities. Offering 16MB of memory standard, the HL-2070N can print up to 20 pages per minute. That is slightly higher than most other printers out there today. It is ideal for printing quick word, excel, or powerpoint documents on the go. It is primarily designed for text-based printing.

This printer has extensive network capabilities that you won’t find in most other models. With a desktop interface that is simple to use, you can set everything up wirelessly in a relatively short period of time. It is ideally suited for wireless use from multiple computers in a household. In addition to this, the machine is rather compact for a printer. Most machines take up a large area of space that require a significant amount of space on a tabletop or desk. The Brother HL-2070N, however, can fit snugly into almost any area suitable for a printer.

When the modern household has so many humming and beeping electronic devices, having something that does not constantly contribute to the noise pollution is a welcome addition. When not in use, the Brother HL-2070N automatically lulls itself into a silent sleep mode, but wakes itself quickly and efficiently when a print-job is commissioned. It is a bit noisy when working, but what printer isn’t?

For all its functionality, however, the Brother HL-2070N has a few flaws common to many printers that may make the buyer think twice. There are minor paper-curling issues, as the exit point for the paper is a rounded surface. It’s not too severe in most cases, but it’s also certainly not preferred. In addition to this, there are occasions when the print-job takes a very long time to start once commissioned. It is unclear what the cause of this problem is, but it is not something that a busy student or office worker enjoys dealing with. And while it is clear that the printer is designed mostly for text documents, the simple image quality could definitely use some improvement.

Overall, the Brother HL-2070N Laser Printer is a great purchase for small household office needs.

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