The HTC One-X

HTC One-X Android Smartphone

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Written by: L.J. Hughes

After years of disappointing experiences with small screens, not enough memory, and a horrible camera, the HTC One-X Android 4.0 Smartphone has come to your rescue.

The HTC One-X
The HTC One-X

The One-X paints a smile on any cell phone user’s face. With the One-X’s 4.7in HD screen, you will never have to squint to see your screen again. On top of the 1280×720 screen size, the One-X makes any photography experience worthwhile with it’s 8-mega pixel camera. And if you thought that was amazing, the 1800-pixel HD video with stereo sound is something to die for (okay, maybe not die for ..but, it’s still pretty amazing). In addition to the amazing camera, the One-X puts the cherry on top with 1 GB RAM and 16GB on storage.

This is what the manufacturer had to say:

“Exceptional performance comes standard. Thanks to the dual-core processor with LTE, it has lightning-fast browsing, vivid picture quality, and gaming visuals. You’ll love its sleek design and amazing camera. And with Beats Audio™, you won’t just hear your sound. You’ll feel it.”

What are the features on the One-X?

  • Universal Beats Audio:
    • comes with exclusive, built-in Beats Audio Technology.
  • Camera:
    • snaps picture in 0.7 seconds
    • captures high resolution photos wile using 108p HD camcorder
    • continuous shooting- up to 99 non-stop rapid shots
  • GPS Navigation:
    • real-time location on maps
    • driving directions
  • HTC Video Pic
    • while shooting HD video, tap stills shutter to capture photo at 5mp quality
  • Mobile Video Chat
    • chat face-to-face with friends and families
  • USB & Wi-Fi tethering
    • use your phone’s data connection to access the internet on your laptop
  • HTC Smart Flash
    • provide internet connectivity up to 10 devices at once via Wi-Fi HoptSpot

What else?

Well, since you asked….


  • Screen Size
  • Videos are clear
  • Camera
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Web experience
  • Amazing sound (shout out to Beats Audio technology)
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • HTC Sense


  • Sync manager is not suitable for Mac users
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Phone heats up to 45-60 degrees C.
  • Frailty of screen
    • reports of screen shattering
  • Camera lenses can easily be scratched

Check out this video:

Still not convinced….? Well, be sure to check out other HTC phones very similar (thought not as amazing, haha) to the One-X: HTC Titan II, HTC Inspire and HTC Vivid. If the One-X does not fulfill your needs, these phones will do you justice as well.

HTC Titan II
HTC Titan II
HTC Inspire
HTC Inspire

With all the great features such as, the 4.7in screen, 8MP camera, and 1GB of memory, of the HTC One-X Smartphone, little issues such as battery life seem to vanish. The One-X is exactly what cell phone users are searching for in an Android. And the search is officially over.

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