Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case

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Afraid of breaking your expensive new iPhone? Try out the Otterbox 4S Defender Series Case

Written by: Chelsea Lee

My long and seemingly endless search for the perfect iPhone case has finally come to an end. Though at $49.95, the Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case does seem on the pricey side, it is well worth your money. Would you rather spend a few extra bucks on a durable and protective case or on another iPhone 4S?

Finding a good balance between heavy duty protection and an attractive case was a big issue for me when deciding on what case to buy. Thankfully, the company “Otterbox” has come out with a winner for all of us clumsy people desirous of a visually appealing phone case.

This case provides a special three layered  protection. First is a layer of high-quality and well-made polycarbonate shell, which is then surrounded by a durable and non-scratchable silicon skin. Not only is your phone protected from scratches and dents from the inner polycarbonate shell, but it is also easily able to bounce off  hard surfaces due to its more malleable and soft outer silicon skin. With these two layers on the Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case, most of your worries about scratches and dents along your phone are solved. To top it all off, the case has applied a clear protective membrane over the iPhone’s touch screen.

The main worry and constant fear I had with getting an iPhone was cracking the screen. Previously, I owned a Droid which unfortunately shattered into pieces when I dropped it onto the ground screen first. With my iPhone, even after dropping it multiple times, the clear protective membrane has saved it from cracking and costing me hundreds of dollars for a replacement phone. What still amazes me with my Otterbox phone case is that even with the clear membrane over my touchscreen, I still have complete interaction of my device’s functions. And for those worried about losing your phone or misplacing it, the case also comes with a racketing belt clip holster. Not only is the functionality of this case great, but the color range is as well. This Otterbox case comes with 8 different color choices, ranging from black to pink. So, there’s a suitable color and match for every person, no matter of age or gender.

But, here are a few things to take note of. If you’re looking for an iPhone case that is thin, light, and barely noticeable the Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case is not for you. Just as it says exactly in its name, this case is meant to defend your phone from any and all types of harm and danger. The 3 layers do add weight and size to your phone. I find that it is nearly impossible to stick my phone into the front and back pockets in my skinny jeans. This personally isn’t an issue for me–since I’d rather be safe than sorry with my phone.  But if you’re looking for a smaller, less bulky one, I would suggest looking at the other cases Otterbox makes. The only other issue I have with this case is that if you’re technologically challenged like me, taking off your Otterbox case is nearly impossible. With multiple layers, I find myself never taking the case off simply because I don’t want to deal with the hassle. Still, incase you want to learn how to take off and put on your iPhone case, here’s an instructional video. Instructional video on the Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case

Here’s a little summary-


  • 3 layers of protection
  • complete and easy interaction of touch screen functions
  • belt clip holster
  • variety of colors and color matches


  • adds weight and thickness to the phone
  • bulky
  • difficult to take off and easily put back onto phone

Overall, the Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case is a good quality and high durability type of case. It provides protection to every surface of your phone, making sure your phone (and the money to buy and repair a broken phone) is not destroyed.



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Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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