Quo Vadis Trinote #48 Agenda Planning Diary

Quo Vadis Trinote #48 Agenda Planning Diary

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Written by: Katherine Chen

Everybody remembers having a colorful agenda in elementary or middle school for keeping track of homework and tests—for those of us who still keep a planner, albeit for more adult tasks like lunch meetings and conference calls, there is no better option than the Quo Vadis Trinote #48 Agenda Planning Diary. The Trinote is a planning diary that leaves room for appointments and notes in a unique weekly viewing format that is intuitive to use and essential for those who want to keep a busy schedule organized.

The Trinote is, as Quo Vadis puts, the “classic agenda planning diary.” It has a simple but effective layout that lists each day of the week, with room for appointments and notes for each day. This agenda is for someone who has a busy schedule that changes from day-to-day, since you can write in what you have planned in the half-hour increment time slots. The spaces on the bottom of each day, as well as the designated phone numbers, receipts, and to-do boxes on the side, are great for keeping track of memos and notes. When you lay the agenda flat, you can see your schedule for a whole week at a single glance, which is great for scheduling things like doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping.

This agenda also comes with nice additional features such as a tear-off corner on the bottom of each page to help you flip to the current week with ease, and “90g, extra white, super smooth paper” that is acid-free. In my experience, the paper is thick enough so that ink will not bleed through, and the binding allows the agenda to lie flat no matter what page you are turned to. This agenda is also refillable, meaning you can simply buy a refill each year and use the same cover while filing or recycling the previous year’s calendars—a great way to save money and storage space. The Trinote also comes in a variety of covers and colors, such as Club (imitation leather), Soya (imitation leather), Vinyl, and Chelsea Leather, to suit all budgets.

Everyone differs in their visual preferences, and there indeed may be some who do not like the Trinote’s layout. This agenda is definitely not for those who do not need to make many appointments; since the focus of each day is a schedule, a person who has the same schedule from day-to-day may find all of those appointment slots useless. For those who want more space to take notes, you may try a Quo Vadis Space 24 agenda diary, which has an entire page dedicated to notes, or the Quo Vadis Scholar agenda diary, which has daily notes but no appointment slots at all. And for students, since the Trinote does not follow an academic year calendar, a Quo Vadis Septanote agenda diary that has dates from July to July rather than January to December might be a better option.

You really can’t go wrong with the Trinote #48 agenda planning diary or any other planner from the Quo Vadis family. These are affordable planners that you can customize to your particular organizational preferences, all produced on high quality binding and paper that will last for years after you have finished using them. The Trinote in particular is perfect for keeping track of busy schedules—buy one for yourself, for work, or for your family, and you’ll never miss an appointment again.

Quo Vadis Trinote #48 Agenda Planning Diary
The innovative design of the Quo Vadis Trinote Agenda Diary makes keeping track of appointments and notes simple
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