Light blue 2002 2-door Toyota Echo

2002 Toyota Echo Consumer Product Review

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Light blue 2002 2-door Toyota Echo
Experience fun driving in a 2002 Toyota Echo

Looking for a cheap, used cute car with amazing gas mileage?  I am here to tell you about Toyota’s best kept secret: The Toyota Echo.  When I turned 16, I was given the best car a teenage girl with a slight driving impairment could have asked for.  Since the car was cheap, I did not have to worry about banging it up.  The gas mileage was perfect for when I went off to college 160 miles away.

Now, unfortunately Toyota does not produce Echos anymore.  They have replaced them with the very cute Yaris.  However, if you are looking for a reliable USED car, my suggestion would most definitely be the Toyota Echo.  Since my first car was a 2002 model, I will be reviewing that.  If you ever come across one on Craigslist or at a dealership, I would suggest you snatch it up ASAP for your teenage daughter.

With a 4 cylinder engine, I sure wasn’t winning any races, but with mileage being a respectable 36 mpg, I wasn’t complaining.  A notable attribute of this stylish car is the spacious trunk.  Design wise, my car was time in and out described as a sort of a “bubble” or less cutely, that it had its “butt in the air.”  Another futuristic design was that the speedometer was set in middle of the dashboard rather than in front of the driver.  As I was saying before, this car is ideal for young drivers who don’t take themselves too seriously.  For those of you who watch the popular show, Psych, the “Blueberry” is a Toyota Echo.  The Blueberry is source of constant comedy and cuteness in this fun TV show.  The Toyota Echo has an air of whimsy and mischief that will appeal to many young adventure-seeking adults.


  • Excellent gas mileage
  • Reliable (mine lasted 150000 miles and 9 years before we decided to sell it)
  • The price is right


  • The futuristic, bubbly design is not for everyone
  • 4 cylinder, 107 hp leaves something to be desired
  • Rocked back and forth in heavy winds

Today, Toyota (and the terrible economy) seems to have made cheap cool again.  The Toyota Yaris is a definite option for those not lucky enough to find a used Echo on the market.  Take it from me.  Through the 10 years filled with countless speeding tickets, accidents, and youthful driving, the 2002 Toyota Echo has never let me down.

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