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It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Spray

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Product Review by Cheree Ramon:
Original Leave-In Product
It's a Ten

I have always had big curly hair that easily gets matted underneath near the nape of my neck. It screams unruly every time I even get close to it with a comb, so naturally I have tried almost every product on the market. In the past few years alone I’ve tried 100+ products in attempt to tame the wild beast that is my hair. Of the dozen that have worked, I have a recommendation list of only a few products. It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Spray makes the top of that list every single time.

For starters, this product does a great job at increasing the manageability of all hair types, yes- even mine, and it leaves your hair soft. I generally apply It’s a Ten while my hair is still wet, but occasionally (when I don’t have time to wash it) I will mix a little bit of water with a few pumps of the product and comb through my hair with my fingers. It does a great job reducing my frizz and increasing my shine, and actually does leave my hair more bouncy. Since I’ve been using the product in tandem with It’s a Ten Miracle Hair Mask I’ve noticed that my hair has appeared less damaged even with occasional high temperature flat ironing.

If you are interested in strengthening your highly damaged hair, It’s a Ten carries a version of the Miracle Leave-In with Keratin protein. This product has slightly different properties but I would still recommend it. Just be careful because applying too much of either of the products leaves hair sticky even after drying. With the original (without Keratin) leave-in, I have also noticed that my hair has become more consistent and as I’m sure anyone with even slightly curly hair knows, it can be extra annoying when the wave/curl pattern of your hair looks different on a daily basis. Luckily It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In treatment has helped me to create a consistent curl every time I use it.

Of all of the benefits of this product, my favorite attribute has got to be its fresh scent! As a self proclaimed perfume connoisseur, I fell in love with the delicious scent of It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Product the first time I used it. Although I thought it smelled familiar, it took me several uses to place where I had smelled the scent before. Then one day, as I sprayed myself with perfume, it hit me like a bolt of lightning to the forehead; it has a fresh floral scent very comparable to Ralph Lauren’s Ralph, an added bonus! This product runs about $18 for four ounces so it’s not exactly cheap, but definitely worth the price!


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It's a Ten Miracle Leave-In Spray, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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