Bunks Casual Twin Workstation Loft Bunk by Coaster Rises to Lofty Heights

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Written by Laura Rensing

When I walked into my shared room of my college apartment for the first time, I had one question on my mind: how was I going to shove a bed into the same space without causing a fire hazard?  My solution to the cramped space was the Bunks Casual Twin Workstation Loft Bunk by Coaster #460053.  A loft bed differs from a bunk in that the lower level is comprised of a desk and sometimes drawers or shelving.  It’s a great way to save space in a packed room in college or in a child’s room.


Loft Bed
It helps to have a couple people to help assemble the bed.

However, it can be hard to find a good loft bed for those of us over four feet tall.  Most beds are made for younger children, making it hard to find a bed for adults that combines the height needed underneath the bed for working and enough space above so that you don’t feel claustrophobic mashed up against the ceiling.

For me, the Bunks Casual Twin Workstation Loft Bunk by Coaster suited all my needs and more.  It was the perfect height both above and below the mattress.  The ladder was simple and sturdy, and could be attached to either the head or foot of the bed.

I never felt unsafe either above or below.  It’s true that the bed will shift back and forth a bit as you move around, but these shifts were small and lessened over time.  Compared to the leaf-like qualities of other loft beds that I’ve tried out, this bed felt as solid and didn’t even sway during the California earthquakes.

The bed features a six foot wide desk on the bottom—great for working on those college papers—and included three shelves with adjustable heights.  I ended up removing the middle shelf so that I could take advantage of the depth of desk, but the removable pegs make it easy to adjust the shelving to your needs.  The desk also includes a rollout keyboard tray.

I ordered the Cappuccino of the bed and was pleased with the workmanship and glossy finish.  I didn’t notice any cracks or deformities in the wood, though I have seen user reviews that complained of such deformities in the Warm Brown Finish.  You do have to assemble the bed yourself, but I was able to put it together with two helpers in about an hour and a half.  It’s not an incredibly difficult process, but if you have trouble putting together a basic Ikea bookshelf, you may want a handyman (or woman!) to help you out.

Producer Workstation Twin Loft Bed
As you can see, I didn't just sleep in my loft bed, I practically lived in it.


  • Clean, neat design
  • A fantastic space saver
  • A large desk and working space
  • Sturdy shelving and ladders
  • Glossy finish
  • The top bunk and desk can stand separately,


  • Pricey for a college student (between $585-$875 depending on shipping costs)
  • Can be a bit shaky under duress
  • May be difficult for novice furniture assemblers

Great for…

…younger children

…college students and first apartments

…small room dimensions with 8′ ceilings

All in all, this is a good long term bed/desk combination.  It’s safe enough for children to use, or for a space-starved college student and because you can separate the bed and desk, can transition into first apartment furniture.  The bed is a bit pricey considering other options, but the Bunks Casual Twin Workstation Loft Bunk by Coaster is good investment for students in an apartment situation and a versatile solution to space restraints.

Photos taken and edited by Laura Rensing.

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    Hello, I was wondering if you had the instructions to the bed by any chance? I bought this today, second hand from Craigslist after searching for countless hours for a bed that had everything in one package and could fulfill the needs of adults and this was perfect for me. However there was like 200 different screws and bolts and I have no idea where they go, even after fidgeting around with them.

    Please get back to me ASAP, I already contacted the seller and the manufacturer.

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