Levo Book Holder

Levo Book Holder LEVO

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Levo Book Holder
Reader letting Levo Book Holder do all the work.

Written by: Brian Schlender

When I was reading and the fatigue of holding a book used to set in, I would wish that I could somehow just levitate the book in front of my face. Apparently someone else felt the exact same way only rather than fantasizing about cultivating the power of levitation that person developed the Levo Book Holder LEVO.

Instead of fixating on how miserable my throbbing arm, neck, or back muscles are making me, with Levo I am now free to concentrate solely on reading comprehension. Additionally, the base of the Book Holder is weighted and can easily support your heaviest encyclopedia, as long as that encyclopedia doesn’t weigh more than 5 lbs. The Book Holder also makes reading and taking notes at the same time a much simpler task. As you may know from experience, it’s not easy to relax in a recliner while also juggling a book, a notepad, and a pen.

I have even begun using the Levo Book Holder’s adjustable tray as a writing surface. I have always preferred to sit and write on the couch or in a recliner. In order to comfortably rest my elbow on the armrest I would have to stack pillows in my lap. With the Levo, I simply lower the tray to the desired height, set my notebook on it, and write away. I don’t have to deal with the extra body heat that accumulates from the stack of pillows sitting in my lap during summer months.

One of the few downsides of the Levo Book Holder is that even though it comes with floor castors, it still does not roll over carpet that well. It rolls pretty nicely over tile or wood, but the castors are so small that even on smooth surfaces you do wind up dragging it over any bumps, rugs, or things of that nature. Depending on where you plan to sit, you may also run into some minor issues with where to put the Book Holder. When I first got mine, I was sitting in my recliner and trying to maneuver the Book Holder into the perfect spot and accidentally scuffed the base of the recliner. I also had to move my end table away from my recliner in order to make room.

Since I purchased the floor model, Levo has introduced a tabletop version. The tabletop version appears to eliminate most of the minor placement problems I’ve had; although, keep in mind that you will need an end table to set the tabletop version on right next to wherever you plan to sit. There is also a Levo Desk Book Holder, which clamps on to a desktop. If you like to sit at a computer reading and typing away, then this model should work well for you.

• Less fatigue
• Easy to read and write simultaneously
• Less fatigue related distractions
• Will hold up to 5 lb book
• May need to adjust furniture
• Floor castors don’t always work

Despite the scratches on the bottom of my recliner and having to move my end table, I cannot imagine reading without my Levo Book Holder. I would recommend it to anyone who regularly reads. Just make sure that you carefully evaluate how you plan to use the Levo Book Holder and then buy whichever model will accommodate your situation the best.

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