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OfficeMax Katharina Manager Chair

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Written By: Cynthia Gallegos

Would you consider your desk or office chair part of the team? Does it support your back as much as you want it to?

Katharina Manager Chair
The Katharina Manager Chair has soft microfibers

Well if you answered no to one or both of these questions. It might be time to look for a new partner. The Katharina Manager Chair available only at OfficeMax will help your back difficulties and will leave you happy.

Comfort is a must when it comes to an office chair. So it only makes sense that the desk chair should also aid your back. If you unfortunately have serious back problems like you attend physical therapy and can’t stand or sit for a long period of time. The Katharina Manager Chair is meant for you. 

A good friend had the chair for over three months and experienced amazing improvements with her back. Every day she sits in the Katharina Manager Chair for a long time and trusts that her back will not hurt the next day. You can study, work and surf the web without worrying if this will trouble your back. So the fact that she specially ordered this chair for her back, is an example of the true value of the Katharina Manager Chair. 

Good news for shorter women and men, you’ll enjoy that your feet will reach the ground so now you won’t slouch. But this also means that if you’re a tall woman or man the Katharina Manager Chair will get on your nerves and if you don’t like tan then you’re out of luck. It comes in only one color. 

Also this chair is a bit expensive for an average college budget. So it might help if you consider the desk chair as an investment for your back. I’d like to recommend waiting until there is a sale, that’s what my friend did.

Brown Katharina Chair
The titanium finish makes the Katharina Manager Chair a strong built


  • Back support
  • Comfortable
  • Stylist
  • Great for shorter customers


  • Expensive
  • Not good for taller customers
  • Online order only
  • Designed only in tan

Therefore, if you decide to order the Katharina Manager Chair, you’ll be presently surprised how easy and fast it is to assemble a well made desk chair. You will quickly get used to the microfibers and the smooth fabric.  Also the strong titanium finish will make you appreciate the money you spent and again, your back will thank you.


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