Around the Ear headphones that show cusions

Bose AE2 Audio Headphones

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Written By: Mary Spenger

If you’re looking for quality over price and want luxury for your ears, Bose’s AE2 Audio Headphones is the listening apparatus that I recommend.

Bose specializes in quality luxury comfort for headphones, and I would have to say that I have a few complaints.  These around-the-ear headphones surround you in the music or story that you listen to.  Features include: new improved cushions for more comfort, advanced design using durable materials for a long product life, and ear-cups fold flat in the custom travel bag for easy storage. The speakers can get really loud without terribly disturbing someone sitting next to you. Even without the noise cancellation, the design of the ear-cups prevent the passage of sound outside of you to your ears, and vice versa when it comes to your music escaping.

Around the Ear headphones that show cusions
Bose AE2 Audio Headphones

The coolest part of these headphones is the sound quality, but the fact that they are fashion forward is awesome. They look good on. If you walk down the street they show that you’re serious about getting into your audio, but in a stunner-shade kind of way. You are definitely the cool kid on the block walking down the street with your headphones on, rocking out to your best beats.

The cushion that connects with the top of your head while wearing this headset makes you forget your wearing headphones sometimes. My pair of these fits well, even though my head is small. A lot of headsets with over-the-ear speakers are too big, but this product fits well on me and can adjust to much larger head sizes as well.

The pros include:

  • Awesome design, both in sound quality and style
  • Serious comfort in the cushions for your ears
  • Easy to adjust to head size
  • The cushion for the top of your head provides extra comfort
  • Detachable, lengthy chord

The cons include:

  • The cost is a bit steep, but for quality, it really is worth it
  • If the volume is up all the way, the sound can get harsh, but that really means you’re injuring your hearing at that point

Alternatives can include any other headphones you can find at your local general store, but the best comparable variation might be another variation at Bose. They make their headphones really well, and I trust them as a brand to ensure I’m happy with their products. Although, Sony and Monster Beats carry noise cancelling headphones that are comparable to the ones Bose sells. If  you want more then just a design that helps with the ambient noise and you want noise cancelling, you can look at those as options.

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