Shows the brush and the casing

Classic Retractable Travel Powder Brush from Sephora

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Written by: Mary Spenger

Ladies, here’s a brush that will help with delivering even tone, great travel qualities and a good price! The Classic Retractable Travel Powder Brush #51 from Sephora is the best I’ve found for applying smooth coverage.

Shows the brush and the casing
Sephora's Classic Retractable Travel Powder Brush

The Retractable Travel Powder Brush works to satisfy the girl on the move. Being retractable ensures no interim damage to the brush itself, and there are many uses for different levels of extended bristles. Some of the different applications include powders blushes and mineral make up with the brush fully fanned out. Or you can bring the shaft up for a more direct application of pigmentation like for eyeshadows and bronzers.

This brush’s purpose is to give you even coverage with any powder, but the addition of a enclosed lightweight casing and the retraction makes this product more desirable. I personally use this brush to apply my foundation (Dior’s spray foundation, 200), and the ability to concentrate on areas that need a heavier coat of foundation always makes me happy. I like the flexibility I have without needing to switch brushes. It means that I can carry around this brush and my foundation in my purse. And ladies, you know the importance of re-applying if need be.

This brush has saved me in a pinch while on the go and in need of a touch up. It always delivers a clean, smooth application and a professional look. If you want to use it for blush and bronzer, the effects are the same.

The pros include:
  • Even tone and coverage
  • Compact
  • Lightweight casing both protects and ensures best results for a travel brush
  • Retractable uses prove for versatile function

The cons include:

  • The bristles shed sometimes
  • Some consumers say the bristles get coarse (however I have not found that)

There are variations on the market, but I have found few retractable brushes. Stila, Ecotools and Bare Escentuals carry retractable brushes, but I like the Sephora look and design best. Sephora also carries a smaller version that is for a more fine tuned delivery. The Smashbox contour brush is comparable in some ways as well. But for $29.00, I think this brush fills all the needs and wishes best if you’re looking for a compact brush that is versatile and delivers a smooth coverage.

All in all I think this brush is affordable, travel friendly, and has many uses. And who doesn’t like having multi-tasking brushes in their make-up bag to save space and weight?

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