Custom Zippo Lighter

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Written by Logan James Taylor

Smokers will understand why wind can be so frustrating. A Custom Zippo Lighter doesn’t just eradicate the problem but it also says something about you. This is because the imprinting can be any image you want. Be it a cute poodle for those of you who leave a little lipstick; or maybe it can be a symbol that is very important to you like the peace sign was to John Lennon. Zippos are sturdy and I have seen them last for years. Many people receive them, still functioning, from their grandparents and parents.

A custom zippo lighter strikes in almost any weather. Stays lit once it is struck and is great for a multitude of uses. These include smoking in Chicago, lighting a fire when camping goes foul and also making you look hip as you pull it out and light that girl in the black dress’s cigarette. You can get a custom zippo lighter imprint online or find a store e.g. a watch repair shop  or a store with a jewelry engraver.

Though I think they can look very slick, a custom zippo lighter is not just for looks. The fuel for them is very cheap making them much more economical, that is, if you can keep track of it. It is fairly easy to do so. I used to use cheap gas station lighters and they just seem burn a hole in my pocket and fall out, like my money seems to for the cigarette’s I use it for.

The customization helps form more of an attachment to it and the weight of it is a nice reminder in your pocket. These combined factors make it much easier to hold on to but a custom zippo lighter is a awful thing to lose. Filling a custom zippo lighter can be messy and cover you in putrid lighter fluid. Custom zippo lighters are very poor for pipe smoking. Though the tobacco will still catch fire, I would always taste and inhale a bunch of lighter fluid. Pipe smokers are best sticking to matches  or disposable lighters. Furthermore The fuel doesn’t last too long before it needs to be refilled and running when you’re on the go can be very inconvenient. In conclusion, this product most befits people who smoke and who use a lighter a lot. Its to heavy and easy to lose for people who don’t use lighters much. Stick to a disposable lighter in your junk drawer at home if that’s the case.


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