DeLonghi Two Slice Toaster CTH 2003

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DeLonghi Two-Slice Toaster CTH2003 Written by Elizabeth Lowry

Afraid of losing your lunch? The DeLonghi CTH 2003 toaster’s adjustable slots can be made thick enough for a bagel and thin enough for a single pita, so there’s no danger of your toast slipping through the cracks. The DeLonghi CTH 2003 is beautiful, too: it is made of brushed stainless steel and the simplicity of its streamlined contours can make it appear both vintage and modern at the same time. However, the buyer should not be too readily seduced by this toaster’s pleasing appearance.

An Attractive Toaster

The DeLonghi two slice toaster certainly has its pros, not least of which is its physical attractiveness and size. The DeLonghi’s dimensions are 7”W x 12”D x 9”H which means that it won’t take up too much space. Further, the DeLonghi CTH 2003 does not restrict you to eating bread that comes in standard mass-produced squares, you can get creative. Since this toaster’s slots are extra long they will take slices of unusually shaped artisanal breads. Plus, the DeLonghi toaster has an extra deep crumb holder, so that if you do decide to brown some specialty breads, you can easily fish the crumbs out of the toaster’s undercarriage without having to cope with them burning and smoking below. The DeLonghi CTH 2003 is also an excellent defroster, so if you decide you’d like a bread product that comes frozen without having to toast it, you have the option to simply hit the defrost button which yields a pleasantly soft and fresh tasting piece of bread. (This toaster was definitely made with a bread enthusiast in mind…) And, for a larger family of daily bread-eaters, there is a four-slice version of the same model—the DeLonghi CTH 4003. In addition to adjustable slots, the DeLonghi CTH 2003 and 4003 have six adjustable browning control features…which brings me to the cons. Consumers have complained that even at the highest setting these appliances toast too lightly.

Adjustable Browning Settings

Further, a few defective models of the DeLonghi 2003 seem to have made it into circulation. Consumers have reported that the toaster’s heating elements either don’t work very well or burn out quickly. Consumers have also complained that although the stainless steel is attractive, it can be quite difficult to keep clean. Prices can also vary: the DeLonghi CTH 2003 is $39.99 at Frys, wheareas at the DeLonghi online store it costs almost twenty dollars more at $59.95. So while the DeLonghi 2003 two slice toaster offers many attractive features, this product seems as if it could be a risky buy—particular when taking into account its high price.

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