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Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks (Black and Pink — 2 Pair) #95-9247

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By Jamie Garcia

Normally, yoga classes encourage their students to come and take class barefoot, however, some of us really enjoy wearing socks. They keep you cozy while you warm up your muscles, and they provide an extra cushion for those of us with sensitive feet. Only problem is slipping all over your mat while you’re trying your hardest to keep an immaculate downward dog pose. Thanks to the Gaiam No Slip Yoga Sock, slip-sliding away is a thing of the past with or without a mat!

No Slip Yoga Sock by Gaiam
All grip, no slip yoga sock by Gaiam

With all the comfort and freedom of a barefoot, these sticky, gripping, made-for-yoga (and Pilates) socks are just what you need for optimum comfort and no-slip security during your workout or cool down. A two-pair pack won’t put a huge dent in your wallet at $19.98 when you order online at Here, you can also find a single pair of socks for just $9.99. 

Ever forget your yoga mat at home and have to borrow one from your gym or studio? As an added bonus, these versatile socks — made of 81% cotton, 11% nylon, 5% polyester, and 2% rubber — drastically reduce your risk of picking up foot fungus inside your class or locker room. Although they were made with yoga in mind, Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks are ideal for any workout, traveling, lounging around the house, or even as a daily sock. With all the comfort of a slipper, it may be hard to find a reason to take them off at all. Well… except to wash them of course.

Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks will fit women’s shoe sizes 5-10, men’s shoe sizes 4-8, and come in black with white or pink grip on the sole. Dot pattern on sole may come in varying patterns. They are machine washable (cold water), and should be laid flat to dry.


  • Especially created for yoga and Pilates practice
  • Allows you to practice safely — with or without a mat
  • Perfect for travel, studio, or home use
  • Ideal for cold winter months or chilly classrooms
  • Meant to enhance balance and stability for increased strength and confidence in your yoga or Pilates practice
  • Protects feet from foot fungus exposure
  • Toe slots for freedom — much like being barefootYoga class in progress
  • Durable
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Must be washed after use to keep shape
  • Currently only available as an ankle length sock
  • Only comes in one color — black (with either pink or white colored grips)
  • A little bit pricey

Other brands offering a similar style yoga sock include:

  • ToeSox Toeless Yoga/Pilates Women’s Quarter Length Sock, which are $14.99 a pair and come in four color varieties. ToeSox also makes a mid-calf length sock for fuller coverage.
  • Injinji Yoga Toesocks from They are $16.99 per pair and are available in black at an ankle length.
  • Stick-e Brands Yoga Stick-e Sock, which are toeless socks that come in white and black at an ankle length. They are $19.99 per pair. 
  • Danskin Now Yoga Socks come in ankle-length, black and start at $7.67 per pair. 
Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks make comfort and physical safety possible for your active lifestyle. Available online and at any Target stores (check availability per your local store). These socks will last you many a yoga class and will make your practice easier and more accessible, as you can practice virtually anywhere there’s a hard surface due to the rubber grip soles.
If you’re a beginner looking to gain some initial balance during tree pose, or an older student aiming to gain stability in warrior 1, these are the socks for you. Subtle, yet effective, you won’t be sorry you gave them a try!
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