Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Herman Miller Mirra Chair Ergonomic Masterpiece

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Herman Miller Mirra Chair
Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Written by: Brian Schlender
If your current office chair leaves you a sweaty, achy mess at the end of the day, then it might be time to upgrade to the Herman Miller Mirra Chair. I’ve been that sweaty, achy mess, but I couldn’t take it any longer and embarked on an epic quest for the ultimate ergonomic chair. My search culminated with the purchase of a Herman Miller Mirra Chair.

The Triflex seatback conforms perfectly to my body. Instead of expecting you to adapt to the seatback, the 576 geometric holes in the polymer Triflex seatback accommodate your unique curves, and then the adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize lower back support for a perfect ergonomic fit.

The most distinct thing you will notice when comparing the Mirra Chair to a standard executive type office chair is that the stripped down design lacks upholstery. It turns out that in this case a complete lack of upholstery is a good thing. The mesh seat and Triflex seatback allow your body to breath. I was pleasantly surprised when I stood up after sitting in the Mirra Chair for a few hours and had not sweated through the back of my shirt.

The Mirra Chair also comes standard with a 12 year warranty. So if you pride yourself like I do on testing the durability of your processions on a daily basis, then you have nothing to worry about. To illustrate, I moved across country and upon my arrival discovered that a dresser had crushed the seatback of my prized Mirra Chair. The seatback was completely warped and I thought I was out of luck, but I was pleasantly surprised when Herman Miller sent a technician to my house to install a new seatback free of charge.

Speaking of charges, the biggest thing you may need to adjust to is the price of the Mirra chair. The Basic model starts at $649. You can opt out of the adjustable lumbar support and save $50. Each additional option like the tilt limiter and seat angle, adjustable arms, and the FlexFront adjustable seat depth can be purchased individually or combined into what is known as the Fully Loaded model for around $749. So you will have some decisions to make. I have sat in both the Basic model without the adjustable lumbar support and the Fully Loaded model and while I prefer Fully Loaded model, the Basic model is still a very satisfying sitting experience. Herman Miller also offers a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee so you don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse.

It should also be noted that while the Mirra Chair is pretty awesome it is not perfect and may not be available to ship immediately. I have had to tighten various screws that hold the seatback in place. If you read other customer reviews, you will see that the tightening of various screws bothered some more than others. I would obviously rather not have to tighten the screws, but they really only need to be tightened every month or so and only take a few minutes to tighten. Additionally, if you demand instant gratification, the Mirra Chair will keep you waiting for up to four weeks depending what options you get and where you order it from.

• Triflex back
• Breathable seat and chair back
• Lots of adjustments (Fully Loaded model)
• 12 year warranty
• Expensive
• Fully Loaded model costs extra
• Occasional maintenance
• Up to four week wait

Thus, after examining the competition and rigorously testing the Mirra Chair I would recommend it to anyone who sits. It’s expensive and not completely perfect and you may have to wait up to four weeks for it to arrive, but it is insanely comfortable and about as close to perfect as you will currently find in this crazy world.

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