Hard Core Series

iPhone 4 Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case Specs AG HA0421-M315

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Hard Core Series
Three pieces to complete the set

Written by: Bradly A. Knox

I have seen many types of flashy iPhone 4 cases; cases that are no more protective than they are stylish and cost half of the Ballistic Case.  The technology we own should be protected against all that it comes in contact with, right?  Sometimes things just fall out of our hands, and we deserve a second chance. Well, the Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case does just that!  The Ballistic in fact gives you infinite chances.  The following sections introduces attributes, pros and cons and special perks like military specifications.

This is truly a Hard Core protector for your iPhone 4, for the following specs endorse the magnificence of this product:

  • Snap on hard shell surrounding the iPhone 4 composed of 5 layers
  • Silicone gel shock cover that ensures safety of your iPhone 4 around all sides.
  • Hip holster clips on the front of the iPhone 4 for complete protection all around

This tank armor for your iPhone 4 has the strength for protection against all situations. I have owned my iPhone 4 since a month after they went live.  I knew I had to get a new case, and that was when I purchased the Ballistic (HC) Series. The moment I left the retailer, I dropped my new iPhone 4 on the cement.  This product does exactly what it was designed for: ultimate protection.  I have reviewed the Pros and Cons as such.  The silicone port covers have ripped off of my cover and I report the functionality is not compromised.


  • Well protected against drops or other rough conditions.
  • Assembly is easy and secure; pieces do not detach.


  • The size of the iPhone 4 with the Ballistic Case is impractical for those interested in smaller mobiles.
  • The silicone port covers (audio jack and vibrate switch) easily rips.
Department of Defense

This case has also been endowed with military standard specifications, passing extensive military environmental testing for resistance.  For those who are interested in this military testing; it makes the products reputation that much more evident.

My personal experience with this product suggest that you get the Hard Core series – this series is listed for $29.99 whereas other merchandise of lesser protection are between $14.99 and $34.99.  The Ballistic Hard Core Case is the way to go for the adventurous soul who is not reluctant to put themselves and their iPhone through an experience together. This product was worth every penny I spent for it, and when I got it – it was $49.99.

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