Nike Dart 9 Blue/Black

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Written By: Preston Moore

Running shoes can be extremely difficult to select, especially when trying to pick your first one. The Nike Dart 9 presents an opportunity to enter the running world, without the hassle of fine tuning your selection.

Nike Dart 9 Blue/Black
Great for Starters

Designed as an introduction sneaker, the Nike Dart 9 is a comfortable shoe with a modest appearance, allowing it to be worn both while training, and as casual wear as well. The shoe is equipped with a breathable mesh upper with a molded midfoot saddle. This provides support for a wide variety of feet, especially those with wide feet. The breathable mesh makes sure that the sneaker can be worn on multiple occasions without leading to bad foot odor. The phylon midsole was created with natural motion engineering. .  This shoe actually provides a bounce to each and every step you take because of its Phylon midsole. This extra push is helpful for those just starting to jog. This sneaker’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for those looking to invest in a shoe that can fit multiple purposes. However, the shoe is designed as an introduction shoe, so don’t expect it to last very long. Longevity is the chief concern with this sneaker, and at $40.00 to $50.00 it may be better to just invest in a  The shoe is heavier than most running shoes to provide extra heel support. The weight and stability this provides also softens each landing, lending taking the pressure away from your knees. Designed for walking and low mileage runs, the shoe is not durable. Although the manufacturer claims that the waffle outsole pattern gives great traction and durability, wear and tear on the sneaker is visible almost immediately. After only a couple of light jogs, the bounce was gone, leaving an overweight sneaker. Also, the sneaker lost its shape pretty quickly, eliminating the snug fit that the shoe initially presents. Cleaning the shoe is a hit or miss affair. Most of the sneaker is extremely easy to clean, as dirt washes off easily, but the breathable mesh retains dirt. Once the dirt builds up, the mesh is very difficult to clean, marring the sneakers image.


  • lightweight
  • good arch support
  • good “bouncy” cushioning
  • breathable mesh
  • Durability Concerns
  • Hard to Clean


This shoe is the starting block to a healthy lifestyle, but it will not get you to the finish line. Because the sneakers do not maintain its form for long, it is not a good investment. Spending more money on a more dependable sneaker is probably a better investment.

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