The Kitchen Sink

Oakley Kitchen Sink Back Pack Black 92060-001

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The Kitchen Sink
High quality backpack

Written by: Bradly A. Knox

For all of those who love the great outdoors, or those whom are students taking a full course load.  The problem seems quite clear. Not enough room.  The solution is: an investment into something superior in design, composition, and functionality. Something that can hold a kitchen sink perhaps. I have not found anything that has outdone this pack. Superior design and functionality, the crowd to which this product appeals to, and the conclusion of whether or not to buy this engineered wonder are yet to come.

Some amazing features that come with this back pack are:

  • Top compartment is molded by compression for protecting valuables
  • Bottom unzips to reveal a wet storage compartment with drainage portals
  • Zippers compose of wire loops to lock main compartments

This Oakley product does exactly what it is intended for. Storage is plentiful on the inside with exciting secrets throughout the bag. I personally use the kitchen sink for all purposes; whether for school to carry around monstrous textbooks or camping – I cannot think of when NOT to use it.  This is a back pack meant for the adventurous soul – the people who love to run long distances with a pack on their back, those who love camping, hiking, climbing, travelling or fitness in general.  It is also meant for the student with four 5 pound textbooks and their laptop, or maybe for the one person who wants to collect military grade products.  It is not meant for those who do not fit the above profiles, or who are not collectors of fine quality goods; this is for sure meant for the thrill-seekers.


  • Plenty of pockets and compartments for all gadgets.
  • Bottom reveals a pull-out bag for extra bag space inside.


  • Top compartment is hard to manipulate for smooth access to the main compartment.
  • Thin shoulder adjustment straps
  • Price

If money is not a problem for you, and you fit the categories of the right buyer as previously mentioned; then the kitchen sink is for you.  This is an all-purpose product with a great design that can be used virtually for any situation. If you like to run with weight on your back; this serves greatly for storage of water and other necesities for cross country runners. This Oakley back pack is well worth setting aside extra money.


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