Pollenex Conair PTM1 Teak Bath Mat

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Pollenex Conair PTM1 Teak Bath Mat Written by Elizabeth Lowry

An ordinary terry-cloth bath mat might as well be a petri dish; a happy home for fungi and mildew. Since I do not embrace an abundance of bacteria under my feet (or anywhere else for that matter) I turned to wood—more specifically, the Pollenex Conair PTM1 Teak Bath Mat. It’s been over a year now, and I’ve never looked back.

Teak Bath Mat

There are plenty of pros. Because of the humidity of the bathroom my cloth bathmat took a while to dry and had to be cleaned regularly. However, my Pollenex Conair PTM1 bath mat absorbs water without getting too slippery and the teak dries quickly. To keep my wooden bath mat clean, I just wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe every once in a while. The teak mat gives me a solid place to stand and dry off when I get out of the shower so that I won’t drip all over the tile. The underside of the mat has strong grips that stick to the floor, so that I am not in danger of the mat slipping out from beneath me. Sometimes I think I’d prefer at bigger bath mat, but at 21 in. L x 14 in.W x 1.2 in.D, the Pollenex Conair PTM1 is a decent size. And yes, water does fall between the slats of the wood and pool a little bit on the floor under the mat, but because the wood is absorbent, I haven’t found it to be much of a problem. With the fan on, the floor dries pretty quickly anyway. Plus, I like that this bath mat is made from natural materials. Its neutral colors mean that it will still fit in when I remodel my bathroom.

A Good Place to Dry Off

On the Conair website the suggested retail price of the Pollenex PTM1 is $50.99, but this same bath mat is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99. Further, although Amazon quotes the list price as being $69.99, they actually sell this bath mat for $32.77. As I mentioned earlier, pros of the Conair PTM1 Teak Bath Mat include its hygienic properties and its natural appearance, but the product also has its cons. Some customers complain that the mineral oil finish on the teak is darker than expected and that it quickly peels off. Some customers have also complained that when trying to actually use the Pollenex Conair PTM1 in the tub itself, the bath mat slips (obviously dangerous) and that hair and soap scum get caught underneath it. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend the teak bath mat for use inside the tub itself. It should be used on the floor outside the tub. Another complaint is that the Conair PTM1 bath mat is not made from sustainable teak—so the environmentally conscious consumer may want to look elsewhere.

Ultimately, when determining whether or not the Pollenex Conair teak bath mat is a good buy, I would say that it depends. If you want a mat to keep you stable while you’re in the shower, you’re probably better off with a Rubbermaid, but if you are using the mat outside the tub while you dry off, it is worth the price.

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