A pair of Steve Madden Trace Dress Shoes

Steve Madden Trace Dress Shoes

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Written By: Alex Bistrevsky

I know that look. It’s the look of someone who’s uncomfortable in their dress shoes, but at least they look good, right? What if I told you that you could have style and comfort, would you believe me? What if I told you that Steve Madden Trace dress shoes ($59.99) are just the thing if you would like to maintain your sleek, professional look while retaining the comfort of your everyday shoe?


A pair of Steve Madden Trace Dress Shoes
Sleek black leather and a stylish square-toe

The Trace is lined with leather, designed to slip in and out of very easily, and comes equipped with elastic side vents to make that process easy every time. The square-toe is tight enough so your feet feel secure, but have a little wiggle room so your toes don’t feel suffocated. Not to mention they looks stylish. The leather lining, man-made sole, and the beautiful spiraled wood-like finish at the shoe’s bottom makes for a complete piece of art that you just happen to be able to wear on your feet. Walking in them is like a relaxing walk in the park with the cushioned man-made footbed absorbing the impact of your feet.


Smooth wood-spiral finish on the bottom of the Steve Madden Trace Dress shoe.
Smooth wood-spiral finish on the bottom.

Say goodbye to painful sores on your feet and say hello to the sound of your heels clicking against the pavement as you confidently stroll by. You will notice that when wearing the Trace dress shoes, your posture feels straighter, but not stiff-like, so no more slouching like you do in your tennis shoes. They weighs in at 14 oz, but lifting up your feet isn’t the challenge, it’s not wanting to take them off after a long day that is. The main challenge I have faced with these shoes, however, is the heel wearing thin and the clicking becoming louder as the plastic framework became exposed. The fact of the matter is, you’ll love them so much that you will over-wear them and will need to replace them sooner than you think.

Before I wore Steve Madden Trace dress shoes, I didn’t believe that comfort and style could co-exist in the same sentence as “dress shoes.” Now I realize not only that they can, but that they do. When I walk in them, I feel relaxed and confident, and have received many compliments about how much more stylish I seem. I’ll never tell them this, but the only thing that changed was the shoes I was wearing.

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