Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf Candle

Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf Candle

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Written By: Robin Comita

Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf Candle
Vervaine Olive Leaf Candle

This candle smells fresh and wonderful and lasts 25 hours! Although it is just 3 oz and costs only $9.95, this candle packs a strong punch.
The vervaine olive leaf candle is my favorite scented candle not only from Voluspa, but overall. It is a crisp scent described on the official Voluspa website as a mixture of, “French lemon vervaine (verbena) and crushed olive leaves….with a heart of Rosewood.” When this candle burns out, I buy another!

Voluspa is a quality candle company with a high profile reputation. Their products, candles especially, appear frequently in magazines and other media. Their products are also popular among celebrities. The Voluspa website lists the names of 36 well known celebs who adore or endorse their products including Megan Fox, the Kardashians, Rihanna and Jessica Simpson. These celebs enjoy Voluspa with good reason.
Not only are their products consistently good smelling and long-lasting, they’re affordable too! Voluspa sells multiple gift packages of soaps, candles and other scented products for under $40. High end stores such as Fred Segal, Anthropology and Saks Fifth Avenue carry Voluspa because of its quality, not its cost.

Kardashians carry Voluspa Although Voluspa is continuously crafting new products, scents and designs, I always return to this candle. I have found that the upright candles last longer than the wide and stout kind. Moreover, the scent lasts throughout the burning and does not become weak towards the end of the candle’s life. This factor could owe to its hand-crafted care.

The founders of Voluspa, Traci and Troy Arntsen, have poured their respective expertise into their products. Traci has utilized her knowledge of botany to blend scents while Troy helped engineer the candle’s wax to deliver a clean and strong aroma. The design is simple as it comes in a small, glass candle holder in an elegant box.

On other occasions I have also purchased their gardenia scented candle from the same product line, Maison Noir, which smells wonderful too. However, the incense sticks from this line have been less than impressive. Although I purchased a box of their lemongrass scented incense sticks months ago, the box is still full. Neither my roommate nor I enjoy this flavor of incense, and recommend sticking to the candle. The Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf candle is worth every penny!

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