Kindle Keyboard 3G

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi 6″ E-Ink Display D00901

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Kindle Keyboard 3G
Kindle Keyboard 3G

Written by Joshua Dhyani

For a long time I was resistant to the growing number of e-readers that were emerging. I argued I liked the feel of a book and wouldn’t enjoy the artificiality of a digital screen. When I found out about E Ink Displays and their superiority over the backlit eye-straining screens I dreaded so much I was curious if not also incredulous. I eventually took the plunge and got a Kindle Keyboard 3G with Wi-Fi.

I opted for a keyboard over a touch-screen because it was slightly cheaper and offered a full keyboard, which I prefer over a touch-pad. The Kindle offers an experimental browser, which allows you full access to the Internet. One of the main benefits is you can find and download books directly to your Kindle. The E Ink does a great job of creating a screen that is as easy to read as a book. One of the best features is the long battery life, you can go up to two months without a charge if wireless is off. However, if you leave wireless on you can drain the battery in as little as a day. I did this myself before realizing I needed to turn off my wi-fi to prolong the battery life. The Kindle Keyboard 3G boasts a 4GB storage capacity for 3,500 books. Something really cool is the free cloud storage for all Amazon content. Since a lot of my content is coming from Amazon, I have a virtually unlimited storage capacity for my Kindle. The Kindle Keyboard is light weight at just 8 ounces and the battery never gets hot, so holding it and reading for long periods of time is very easy.

Additionally, the Kindle Keyboard 3G comes with Whispersync. This allows me to strem my content to all my connected devices. I can start reading on my Kindle, continue on my laptop, and finish the book on my iPhone. With the cloud technology and whispersync, it is as if my books are constantly floating next to me waiting to be read.

Some of the drawbacks are the need to get a light attachment to read in low-light settings. However, the newest Kindles still outperform other e-readers in low light. I also recommend getting a case to protect the Kindle from bumps and bruises.

When it comes to buying an ebook reader Kindle reigns supreme. Often the decision comes down to which one of the Kindles is going to be best for you. Get it if you want the feel of a keyboard with the freedom of 3G and wi-fi, then the Kindle Keyboard 3G + Wi-Fi is right for you.

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