Appeal of Doc Martens

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Written by Logan James Taylor

I had long wanted a pair of shoes that I could wear every day that were both functional and attractive. When I finally bought my first pair of Doc Martens, I had both. It’s easy to see the appeal to alternative styles in this photograph.

Once they are worn in, they are the most comfortable shoes you can possibly wear. They mold to your feet perfectly. Although with most styles the sole is not stitched to the leather, they are still extremely durable. The shoes were actually originally designed to be worn by factory workers. I have worn mine almost every day for about four years now and they have only required one repair- a small rip in the back that only cost seven dollars to fix. The shoes are also attractive and popular. They are associated with grunge and punk rock and are making a huge resurgence right now. They have gained popularity with celebrities like models Kate Moss and Agynss Deyn.

However, these are not boots for everyone. They take a long time to wear in and are extremely uncomfortable until that point. They are not shoes for those with particularly sensitive or unusual feet (such as those who have overly wide or flat feet) or a fear of blisters. It is also important not to expect them to be quite as durable as actual combat boots. While they are still quite sturdy, they are now made primarily for fashion and will rip eventually.  If you are looking for a boot that is actually military quality I would recommend going to an army surplus store of some sort and passing on these. For non military quality books that look similar there is the brand New Rock but these are in a high price range. Tuk also makes some similar shoes but they are not quite as durable.



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