iPad2 – BLACK, 32GB, 3G

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iPad2 Black, 32GB 3G
iPad2, Black, 32GB, 3G

iPad 2 –Black, 32GB, with 3G

Written by: Diane Johnson.

I have never big a big techno shopper. High tech gadgets usually scare me away. However, when I first touched
my friend’s iPad, I fell in love. The possibilities popped in my head and I was determined to have one.

You can go online and find all the specs you need, so I’m going to give you the everyday, typical mom/writer benefits of owning the iPad2.

I love being able to access my email quickly. As a writer who thrives on knowing when an editor contacts me, I love how quick and simple
it is to access email. No more worries about a missed assignment. And with the large keyboard (well, larger than a SmartPhone or iPhone) typing is much easier.

As a mom, long drives or long waits in the doctor’s office have become less frustrating. With ten-year-old twin boys, the iPad2 is instant entertainment. We can watch funny cat videos on YouTube, play Plants vs. Zombies, or even practice math facts.

I even admit to using the iPad2 as bribery. After purchasing the GarageBand app, I can easily bribe my teen in getting his chores done.

With the wide selection of apps available, the iPad2 is easily customized. While my friend has hers loaded with educational apps for
her toddler and financial apps for herself, I have mine loaded with games for the games, music creating apps for my older son and husband, and writing apps, like WhackPack for myself.

The screen size is perfect for three people to view when sitting in the back seat during a long drive.


  • Fast access: With one tap the iPad2 is up and running allowing the fastest internet and email access I’ve ever encountered.
  • Long battery life: Whether watching YouTube videos, playing games, checking email or surfing the web, the long battery life has never failed me…accept that one time my teen forgot to plug it in.
  • Apps: Whatever you like, there’s an app.


  • No flash player…although, I hear there’s an app for that.
  • Learning some keyboard shortcuts can be a bit difficult, but worth the time as typing is much quicker knowing them.

All in all, if you don’t have a SmartPhone, but long for quick, portable note taking, entertainment, navigation, etc… the iPad2 is for you. If you have a SmartPhone, you may find the iPad2 a bit bulky to tote around.

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