Klipsch X5 Review Model B001D7709I

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Klipsch X5
Klipsch X5

Written by: Phuc Huynh

Tune the world out with the Klipsch X5, a noise canceling earphone that delivers high sound performance at  lower volumes, saving your precious ear from losing its sensitivity. (So you know, you can continue to listen to awesome music, which is the whole point!) Your ears will thank you for it. The Klipsch X5 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest earphones and its aerodynamic shaped black tail earphones does not only look great but is designed to reduce cable stress, and serves as acoustic damper to minimize cable noise. It comes with five sets of tips for all different ear canal sizes, a compact magnetic case, airline adapter, and cleaning tool. It utilizes the superior armature technology used in high-end hearing aids and performances. It is built to last. Remember when you had to buy new earphones because the cable strain has been damaged? Klipsch’s engineers design for this to last by strengthening cables and providing durable strain relief at every point to prevent wire damage.


  • Comes with a 2 year replacement policy.
  • Provides oval ear tips that fits into the shape of your ear canals, producing an “acoustic seal”.
  • Compatible with any headphone jack. Plug in your Ipod, Iphone, Android, Kindle, laptop, and enjoy.
  • Listen to high bitrate MP3s to fully appreciate its sound system. Bass is excellent. Sibilance is awesome. Crisp sounds on high notes. Fuller range, treble extension, and more acoustic accuracy.
  • For Classical music, leading and trailing edge notes flow through, you can hear everything distinctly and clearly as if you were sitting front row at a Four Seasons concert.
  • Distinct Sound. Hear every instrument, every time it plays.
  • Personally tested on planes, I can listen to my music without having to turn up too high like I did on my old worn out Ipod earphones.
  • Outside noise is cancelled, when I plug in my earphones, I block out the world and retreat to my world.
  • Wire and cables are not too durable, do take care not to strain it too much. Several customers complained of this as being one of the major problems. Not as durable as promised.
  • Be sure not to plug the earphones in all way while running outdoors because you can block out too much noise and not hear in-coming traffic. Oh the irony.
  • Pricing, this is still considered a higher-end earphone so wait a while for it to go on sale to get it.
  • Tend to get dirty with earwax, be sure to clean as frequently to prevent ear infections.

The Klipsch X5 has been with me for a year and I admit there are some wear and tear on it. But I have used it everyday and I’m not always so careful with it sometimes. I’ve enjoyed music from Nujabes, Adele, Amy Winehouse and loved every minute because the music was so vibrant, moving, and the bass was just on point. The selling point for me is the design and the noise canceling feature. I had to replace my Ipod earphones that did not sit comfortably in my ear and made me turn up the volume way too high for my own good when I’m out and about. I can safely listen to music in the outdoors with the Klipsch X5. It is a great travel and work-out companion, providing me with vibrating, jamming, bumping techno, rap, hip-hop, soul, classical, instrumental music everyday. Adele just sounded even better to me, the Klipsch X5 earphones just made the impossible possible.

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