Dominion Card Game Box

Many Adventures, One Box: Rio Grande Games Dominion Card Game by Donald X. Vaccarino

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Written By: Melissa Harrel

Ever tire of playing the same game over and over? Well, get over it by playing a game that lets you chose a different adventure every time. The Dominion Card Game by Rio Grande Games ($44.95) promises to have you singing a new tune as you think up different strategies with each unique set up.

Dominion Card Game Box
Dominion Card Game Box


  • Involves creative strategy
  • Many game combinations possible
  • 2-4 player game (up to 8 with some expansions)
  • Time-effective (30 minute games)
  • Strong replay appeal
  • Combines various ways to win with clear rules format

More about Dominion

Dominion creates many games within one box, which keeps it atop the sales charts.  If you like strategy board games or tactical card games, dig in! Dominion comes complete with 25 unique card types, from which you pick combinations of 10 to play with.  Charged with a simple objective, you can develop any number of new strategies for each game. With each new card combination, the game changes into something different.  Whether you draw more cards with the “Smithy,” or make opponents discard theirs with the “Militia,” the end goal is the same: to “buy” enough points to win using your “treasure cards” and strategy cards.

Games are short after a brief learning curve.  If you lose a game, you might find yourself begging fellow gamers to let you try on different strategy using the same card combination.  Or, you might start all over with a new set of 10 cards types.  With no game playing out the same, adults and children (10 and up) will be returning and willing opponents.  As the 2009 winner of the prestigious game of the year award (Spiel des Jahres), Dominion beckons you to stop by.


  • Unlimited card combinations allow new games and strategies
  • Clear set up guidelines
  • Includes suggested sets of cards for engaging strategies
  • Game fits in compact box
  • Needs just two people to play (up to 8 with expansions)
  • Yields different experiences with each variation
  • Includes creative card names and graphics for maximum fun


  • More challenging to learn than to play
  • Rule books can be daunting (but helpful)
  • Game requires open table or floor space

These expansions can be mixed with dominion, and give you endless opportunities to play with exciting new card combinations.

  • Dominion: Alchemy  ($29.95),
  • Dominion: Cornucopia ($29.95)
  • Dominion: Prosperity ($44.95)
  • Dominion: Seaside ($44.95)
  • Dominion: Intrigue  ($44.95) (This version can be played as an expansion or its own; if played with Dominion, game can accommodate up to 8 players)

Who Wins?
You do . . . with the purchase of Rio Grande Games’ Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino.  Enjoy thousands of game variations for less than $50.00.  Shop around for a sale price . . . but in exchange for saying goodbye to the “same old thing,” this game’s a bargain at full price.


Product Details:
Players: 2-4 (up to 8 with some expansions)
Type of Game: Card Game
Player Age: 10 and above (age 8 and above on some expansions)
Average Game Length: 30 minutes
Suggested Retail: $44.95

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