Periscope Hardcover Book Light in a Bookcover

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Written by: Ben Miller

How frustrating is it when you try to read late into the night only to have your arm cramp up from holding the flashlight, or the clip on your cheep book light cuts and creases your pages? If so then maybe you should consider trying out the Periscope Hardcover Book Light in a Bookcover. Able to protect your books as well as your privacy, the Periscope Booklight and cover wraps around your reading material and comes with a low light adjustable LED neck that illuminates your darkest reading corners.

Periscope Book Light in a Cover - Red
The Periscope Book Light and Cover is available in numerous colors.


  • Two sizes to fit either hardcover and full-sized paperbacks or mass-market paperback sizes
  • Built in reading light that automatically turns on when pulled out of the spine (requires 3 AA batteries not included)
  • Adjustable light levels allows for reading without disturbing others.
  • Built in bookmark
  • Built in ticket and document pouch  (small only)

About the Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover

The convenient design of the Periscope Book Light in a Cover keeps you from having to struggle to find suitable light whenever you read. The light resides in a sewn pouch along the spine of the cover that when pulled upright, automatically turns on its two LED headlamps, which automatically turns off upon reinsertion. Fully capable of lighting two full pages, top to bottom, no matter the angle it’s held at and the two different sizes accommodate just about any reading material. The larger cover is approximately 10” x 6 ¾ ”- about the size of a Gideon’s Bible. The smaller model, about  7 ¾ ” x  4 ½ ” is more suited for pocket guides or journals. If you’re a tech junkie and have already made the switch to electronic reading devices, Periscope Products also has covers for Nooks, Kindles and other e-readers.

Periscope Book Light resting in sleeve
Periscope Light rests along the spine of the book


  • Convenient book light and cover in one
  • Numerous choice of sizes for books and e-readers
  • Adjustable light settings with up to 40 hours of illuminated reading
  • 110-220 volt AC mini adapter available
  • Comes in multiple colors (Red, Blue, Brown, Black)


  • Requires three (3) AA batteries
  • Smaller cover may have trouble fitting some paperback books.

Out of the many book lights available for use, Periscope provides a near-perfect device that meets your insomniatic need to read while offering plenty of bonus features like a smooth and durable cover, a bookmark and a document pouch. The light does require three AA’s which may cause trouble if in short supply, but the promised 40 hours of illumination is enough to ensure those times are few and far between. The smaller version has been known to fail expectations when it’s found to be too small for some paperbacks. I would suggest dishing out the extra $4.95 for the upscale version to avoid such complications. Aside from those minor adjustment issues, the Periscope Book Light in a Cover is a solid investment for any book enthusiast.

Basic Info:

  • Periscope Book Light in a Cover
  • MDL# 91701
  • Dimensions: 2 x 10.5 x 8 inches ; 1.5 pounds
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