Rohto V Cool

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There is no way to prepare for the first time you drop the Icy cool of Rohto® V Cool into your eye. It was very refreshing but laughingly but mildly painful. You grow accustomed and can enjoy some beautifully white and comfortably cool and lubricated eyes with this product. Rohto V Cool is their formula intended for red eyes and it works.

On the first drop, I felt like I had just bathed my eyes in a refreshing cucumber bath. After a few moments, my eyes had never looked so clear in my entire life. The pain, dryness, and redness were completely gone. They felt instantly soothed and I was left with a feeling of calm and tranquility as the irritation and redness disappeared. Even minutes after I used the product my eyes felt open yet relaxed. It is similar to the experience of using a minty face wash or shampoo but on your eyes.  Not only does it alleviate discomfort, it actually feels good to use. The cold feeling also makes you feel like the product is working which is always reassuring. I always found it quite whimsical to introduce people to them as it is quite shocking since there is nothing quite like it. The packaging of Rohto V Cool is also aesthetically pleasing, which is something that has always drawn me to it. No need to worry, even celebrities eyes get irritated.

There are certainly those who would not like the rush of cold that Rohtos provide in their eyes. Some might even describe it as painful or uncomfortable. It is certainly an intense experience. If you are not one to enjoy minty products this may not be for you. It is definitely much more pronounced then Visine or regular saline solution. It is also more expensive by about four dollars, which is a fairly significant price difference. Though the bottles are pretty large and last quite a long time. Also, for those who like the intensity of the product- the effect does gradually fade with perpetual use which may disappoint some. Try switching to some of the other Rohto products that advertise a more intense cooling effect starting with Rohto V Cool is good but they also have Rohto V Artic and Rohto V Ice which are increasingly cooling and minty.

Still, overall, I vastly prefer Rohto V Cool. I like the rush of cold air and find it much more soothing then other eye drops. Rohto V Cool seems to make my eyes the whitest of the three brands and I thoroughly recommend it specifically for that. I think it is totally worth the steeper price.


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