Roku LT Streaming Player and Remote

Roku LT N1000 Streaming Player, Review the Purple Box

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Written by Lindsey Cook

Roku LT Streaming Player and Remote
Roku LT Streaming Player and Remote

As we move from the world of cable television to watching increasingly available online shows, the Roku LT streaming player is now at the top of entertainment innovations that connect the two.

Online experiences have slowly taken over many aspects of our daily life, including television viewing.  Now all that is missing is the key to link the two, and the Roku could be that missing ingredient.  Heralded from billboards to newspaper ads as the number one streaming player, the Roku LT is the standard purple version of this highly rated streaming player, which presents itself as the next step to bridging the gap between cable and online viewing.  It is designed to hook up easily to most any television, and uses its built-in wireless internet to stream videos instantly from any Netflix or Hulu account in 720p high definition.  Additionally, the Roku LT has over 350 free channels to choose from, including hundreds of free movies and the ability to connect to on-demand.  Rather than cable packages with assorted channels that you may or may not care for, Roku LT allows you to pick and choose further channels you want individually, or simply stream from sites you already subscribe to.  Roughly the size of a coaster, this petite player has a general power consumption of less than 2 watts, even when streaming in high definition, and fits easily anywhere on your entertainment center.

While its built-in wireless internet and ease of set up are praised, the inability to search available shows through the Roku LT poses a significant downside to many users, most of whom are also unimpressed with the touted 350 channels and wish for a greater variety.  Also frustrating for customers is the necessary step upon set up requiring the owner’s the credit card information, whether the user wants to purchase anything or not.

Several different versions of this player come with additional features to fit different viewing preferences.   The highest quality model features a full edition of Angry Birds, enhanced remote control options, and an even higher definition viewing experience, although some cannot tell a great difference.  However at $49.99, the Roku LT is the best value for many of the same features as the more expensive versions.  For your action movies, romantic flicks and secretly favorite soap operas, the Roku LT is a player worth the low one time cost, while still presenting different viewing possibilities later on.

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