Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S

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By: Camille Hansen

Remember back in the day when you printed off maps, or better yet bought a map to find a place? Or when you had wait to get to your computer to check your email and even before that, when voice mail recorders were all that? It’s amazing to think a few years later these gadgets combined into a small device that fits in your hand. Even though it started out the size of a brick, the cell phone doing all these things fits in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S, for instance comes with a camera that not only takes still pictures, but short videos , audio, and scans bar codes at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S
The Samsung Galaxy S

With the Samsung Galaxy you can talk, listen to music, find your way across town, and receive a text at the same time. You can watch your favorite music video on the You Tube gadget. Or even better make a short video yourself with the camera and post it on You Tube. You can play a game of chess with someone in Indonesia and chat at the same time. This phone even scans bar codes that bring back a ton of information on products. The Andriod Market boasts a ton of Apps specific to bar code reading.

The Samsung Galaxy also comes with an array of options: an Integrated Calender, News Feeds, Car Mode, Layar Reality Browser, 1GHz CPU Speed, Battery: Talk time 803 minutes, Video, Music Player, Memory 18GB, Light Sensor, Integrated SMS, and a 4 inch display. The back covers come in purple, black, and blue.

Upside: Large screen, thousands of free apps, touch screen, bar code reader, internet, video camera, and many uncounted hours of fun.

Downside: Slow 2G internet connection, weak GPS connection, and crashes a ton.

This phone is not alone in its awesomeness. There is the iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire A9191EUK HD  which also come with countless apps, long battery life, and countless other features. The iPhone at the moment only comes with an AT&T plan.

In the long run the Samsung Galaxy does most of what the iPhone does, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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