Sony’s PIIQ Smooth Headphones Will Pique Not Just the Audiophile

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Sony's PIIQ Smooth headphones
Sony's PIIQ Smooth headphones

Whenever I am out and about, whether it is to run errands or to go dancing, I rely on public transportation and my own feet. During these times I like to be accompanied by a personal soundtrack, namely whatever happens to be in my MP3 player at the time. Since it is no longer prudent to strut about with a jam box on your shoulders headphones are crucial and Sony’s PIIQ Smooth headphones are an excellent solution. You’ll look cooler wearing these than you would a jam box anyway.

Sony’s PIIQ Smooth headphones will do more than just satisfy a want for affordable quality and personal sound. These headphones, named Gliq, are great for everyday use as they provide a terrific sound without needing the bulk of other high quality over-the-head style headphones. Their size is such that I can easily pack them away in my messenger bag or comfortably wear them around my neck when not in use. And, they are comfortable. They feature soft padded flexible ear cups and a cush headband which is wonderful if you wish to use them for long periods of time. In the past, a problem I have had with headphones is that after wearing them for a long time the backs of my ears start to hurt. I wear glasses everyday so the pressure caused by heavy headphones is not conducive for long term use. With, the PIIQ Smooth headphones, I don’t have that problem.

As for how they sound, I give you a word; delightful. They feature 30 mm neodymium dome drivers and a frequency response range of 10 – 24,000 Hz which means they deliver a crisp sound rich with bass that’ll please any ear. You could do worse with headphones that are much less affordable. If, like me, you can’t drop a few hundred bucks on a pair of headphones then I strongly recommend Sony PIIQ Smooth headphones at $49.99 from

I’ve had my pair of these headphones for nearly two years and the only complaints that I have are quite minor. Sony markets these celebrating their flat cord, well in my extensive use of these headphones I do not see how a flat cord provides a difference. In fact, the flat cord is easily twisted, which is only a minor inconvenience. The other issue I have found is that the headband, while comfortable, is not very snug. This may be due to my small head, but if I’m active these sometimes have a hard time staying put.

Never mind if you are a professional audio engineer or just someone like me who appreciates the sounds coming into your ears, these headphones are perfect with a perfect price and a great look. Although, Sony no longer carries the green ones that I have.

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