Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage, playhouse, Step2 Cottage

Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage is Little Ones’ Home Sweet Home

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Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage, playhouse, Step2 Cottage

Review by: Debbie O’Brien

What could possibly be more fun than being a child? Being a child pretending to be a grownup, of course! The Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage, geared for ages 18 months to 8 years of age, doesn’t disappoint.

It’s designed with an enclosed matching plastic floor which is attached to the cottage itself. This contributes to the stability of the cottage and makes it easy for little people to play house indoors or outside. The front door is the bottom half of a Dutch door. Kids can keep in touch with working mail slot and an interactive phone.

Mail slot, Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage,
Send and Receive Mail with a Working Mail Slot!


Inside is roomy enough to accommodate about three toddlers or two older children. The dimensions are 35″ x 51″ x 46.5” and it weighs 53.5 pounds. Shuttered windows on the left and right sides can be opened or closed, depending on the “weather outside”. The kitchen table is attached to the structure and sports a sink, a faucet, and one burner for cooking dinner.

When chores are done, there are two chairs for sitting and enjoying a snack just like grownups! The cottage is constructed of durable plastic that can stand up to busy children, is easy to clean and and can handle the elements outdoors. The floor has holes drilled through it to allow water to drain from cleaning or monsoons.

Step2, Neat and Tidy Cottage, playhouse
View From Above Shows Playhouse's Enclosed Floor

Just a word of warning to the construction crew. Once assembled, the playhouse will not fit through a standard doorway; sliding glass doors, French doors or barn doors will work just fine. If the locale is a windy one, a couple of extra holes could be drilled into the floor and swing-set anchors used to tether the little house down.

Assembly is required but the directions are well written. There are not four (4) AAA batteries included: two for the doorbell and two for the telephone. Step2 also makes play equipment to go along with the Neat and Tidy Cottage including swings, slides and sandboxes.

The price, usually between $135.00 to  $175.00 online, is very competitive for the quality, compared to similar items. Little Tikes playhouses were more expensive. American Plastic Toy had one that was smaller but priced just under $100.00.

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