Timex T227BQ Clock Radio

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Written by Matt Turner

The Timex T227BQ is a slick clock radio with a plethora of features that will make all others dim by comparison. Timex, a division of SDI Inc., boasts some of the most cost-effective and innovative clock radios on the market. The T227BQ, like all clock radios, comes standard with an AM/FM radio or buzzer that is clear as a bell. Listening to your favorite radio station with this device should be no hassle.

Timex T227BQ Clock Radio
Timex T227BQ Clock Radio

Instead of jolting you awake by an explosion of sound like many clock radios will do, the T227BQ gradually rises in volume as the alarm time approaches. The display is large and easy to read even from a distance, making this clock radio suitable for any place in the bedroom. But if you’re like me, you want to have it right next to you so you can hit the snooze button a few times before waking up for good. Luckily, with the large and easy-to-find snooze button, that should be no problem either. It will grant you around five minutes of extra sleep per drowsy punch.

The most important feature of the T227BQ, however, is the line-in for aux audio sources. You can plug in your iPod or other MP3 player so you can listen to your own music through the multi-directional sound chamber. And for those of you who like a colorful atmosphere, the numbers on the display will smoothly change from color to color as you sleep, giving your room a dynamic and otherworldly feeling. For those who may be distracted by this, however, have no need to worry. The color-changing can be easily turned off, letting you set the display to the color and intensity of your choosing.

The T227BQ clock radio is not without its flaws, though. Perhaps the most significant is that it feels like there are too many buttons. Setting the time, date, and alarm is generally a hassle and can take some time to figure out. Reading the manual is a must, as doing this is not intuitive. On this clock radio are twelve buttons total, and while they are clearly labeled, it is not always clear exactly how you are supposed to use them.

At $19.99 USD,  the T227BQ clock radio is a sound purchase that you won’t lose any sleep over.

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