Purple Wicked Little Buds Earphones

Wicked Little Buds WI-2302: Affordable Quality Headphones

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Purple Wicked Little Buds Earphones
Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 by Empire Brands Inc.

Written by:  Jatinder Sandhu

If your life’s mission has been anything like mine–to find headphones that can provide high quality sound and function despite constant abuse–then Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 headphones by Empire Brands Incorporated may give you cause to find a new hobby.  To sweeten the deal, they come in 4 metallic colors: purple, blue, silver, or black.

I take my headphones with me everywhere, whether I am running on the track or relaxing in the sauna.  One major problem I face with most headphones is that they keep falling out of my ears with I am running around– I have never had this problem with Wicked Little Buds.  Also, there are lots of competing noises when you’re out-and-about–another win for Wicked Little Buds.

Pros/Features:  Considering how affordable the Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 headphones are, the sound quality is impressive.  The other features that these headphones come with just put them over the top.

  • Empire Brands Incorporated offers a lifetime warranty on Wicked Little Buds WI-2302, provided you save the receipt and register your product on their website.
  • The cord for the headphones is not a traditional plastic wire, but a durable woven string.  This is an advantage, because the wires on most headphones I’ve owned have tended to tear from being pulled in and out of the headphone jack too frequently, or from being bent too much at the seems when you coil your headphones around your MP3 player.
  • The earpiece is changeable and comes in three sizes.  The rubber material is very flexible and expands in your ear while still maintaining comfort, creating a noise-cancellation feature.  I’ve fallen asleep with these headphones on, many times.
  • The retail value of Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 by Empire Brands Incorporated is $25, making them a steal for how good they are!

Cons:  Cheap headphones come at a price, the compromises made to the sound quality may not be to everyone’s liking.

  • While the noise cancelling feature of the Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 headphones is nice, it doesn’t translate bass-heavy or low-end sounds very well.  If that’s your preferred type of music, then these headphones are not for you.
  • Not all ears are created equal.  The smallest sized earpiece works perfectly for me, but my roommate didn’t like any of the earpieces theWicked Little Buds WI-2302 came with, she said they were too small for her ear canal.  It takes trial and error to find the right fit for your ears, and many interchangeable earpieces are available online or in stores to fit your specific needs.
  • They only come in four colors: blue, purple, silver, and black.  All four colors are metallic, and have an edgy look to them.  That may not be preferable to everyone’s  taste.

The Bottom Line:  The Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 headphones by Empire Brands Incorporated are stylish, economic, and durable from my experience. I found the sound quality to be similar to Bose In-Ear headphones, which cost me four times as much as the Wicked Little Buds.  The Wicked Little Buds actually outlasted the Bose headphones I had, because the plastic wire tore and frayed.  For $25, I say Wicked Little Buds WI-2302 are definitely worth a shot if you are on the market for some decent headphones.

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