Tori Spelling and family using the UPPA Baby G-Luxe stroller

The Ultimate Travel Companion

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Written By: Melissa Mendoza

As a mother of a toddler, a stroller can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy. With an infant, I found that strollers were more of a crutch than a help, but as they get older they’ve become more of a necessity. But for a family always on the go, umbrella strollers are definitely the best choice. And what better stroller to fulfill your needs than the UPPA Baby G-Luxe series.

Before purchasing the UPPA Baby umbrella stroller, I did plenty of research on features I wanted in an umbrella stroller. I already had the Bug-a-Boo Cameleon, which I absolutely love, for everyday use, but I needed something more portable and lightweight for traveling and for trips to the city. I came across the UPPA Baby G-Luxe stroller and instantly fell in love with it and have not regretted one minute of owning it. I was jumping back and forth between the G-Luxe and the Maclaren Triumph. The UPPA Baby stroller weighed half a pound less than the Maclaren. What stood out to me about the G-Luxe was its stand alone feature, when folded. It is very delicate in its standing position, however has still proven helpful when you’ve got no more hands to hold it upright. I ended up with the UPPA Baby G-Luxe after I tried them both out in the store and just enjoyed its ride much more and the way it maneuvered. The actual seat of the G-Luxe also felt much softer than the Triumph.

Tori Spelling and family using the UPPA Baby G-Luxe stroller
Tori Spelling and family using the UPPA Baby G-Luxe stroller

There is no question that umbrella strollers are absolutely essential for families who like to travel. Full-sized strollers and travel systems are not exactly ideal for hauling through airport security or lifting up and down subway steps. I love that I can use it even when traveling alone because of how easy it is to fold up and carry (using the built in shoulder strap). The folding triggers are hand level, which makes it very simple to fold, especially when you’ve got your hands full. And the weight definitely makes a difference when you’ve got the stroller on one shoulder and your baby and diaper bag on the other. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. Phew!

This stroller also features a 50 SPF canopy which is completely essential for summertime outings. The canopy extension has proven extremely helpful during extra sunny days. The basket is very spacious and easily accessible and the cup holder does not get in the way when folding up or strolling. The 120 degree recline is very easy to adjust and makes it more comfortable for when your child goes in and out of naps.


  • extremely lightweight
  • adjustable recline and footrest
  • durability and stain resistant material


  • doesn’t fold completely closed
  • not meant for roads other than smooth sidewalks


This is without a doubt my favorite accessory to have in terms of traveling, whether it be a trip into the city or through the streets of Italy. I knew this stroller would go through a lot, being that we travel quite often, so I wanted to make sure it lasted. So far it has withstood three countries and countless NYC outings and I have not one complaint about it. A small price to pay for convenience for you and comfort for your little one. It’s a win-win situation!

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