Airwalk Men's Kicks Lo

Airwalk Men’s Kicks Lo

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Airwalk Men's Kicks LoWritten by Steven Barker

I have been wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers as long as I’ve been wearing shoes. Every spring I buy a new pair of black low tops. Last year I found myself in a bit of financial trouble and needed to find a less expensive shoe, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice comfort or style. Airwalk Men’s Kicks Lo look and feel almost exactly like Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and cost about half the price. When I’m wearing them with a pair of jeans it’s impossible to tell they aren’t Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Airwalk Men’s Kicks Lo has a classic feel and feature a cushy insole and flexible outsole. Once you wear the shoes for a week they mold to your feet and feel like a durable pair of slippers. Unfortunately, unlike Converse they are only available in black and grey. As well as high top and low top. If you plan on wearing the shoes everyday they won’t last much longer than a year. The heal wears quickly and separates from the sole. Also, the toe will crack and expose your toes to the weather. But for the price, under $25.00 at Payless Shoesource, it’s easy to just toss them and buy a new pair.  I recently bought a pair for my girlfriend, who’s been a loyal converse wearer her whole life, and she loves them and said she will be wearing Airwalks instead of Converse from now on.

I live in the city and the thin rubber sole of the Airwalk Men’s Kicks Lo makes maneuvering around the sidewalk easy and comfortable. It almost feels like I’m not even wearing shoes. They fit to my feet perfectly. The sizes do run a little big, so I would suggest buying half a size smaller than your regular shoe size.





Half the price of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars


Limited styles and colors

Soles wear quickly

The Airwalk Men’s Kicks Lo is the perfect shoe for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, but wants a stylish and comfortable shoe. If you love Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars, but don’t have a lot of money you should give these shoes a try. Since they are available in black and grey you could purchase two pairs for the same price as one pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars. This is an excellent deal.



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    Where can I buy a pair or two?
    Please help.

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