bare minerals original spf 15 foundation

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation Review

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Written by: Danielle Holgate

It was a long night. I was tired. So tired in fact that I broke one of the cardinal rules of being a female and slept with my makeup on. When I woke up in the morning I was sure that when I looked into the mirror I would see angry pores and fresh acne.  I was pleasantly surprised however, to find that Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation had lived up to its promises and my skin was not angry with me at all!

bare minerals original spf 15 foundation
Bare Minerals and color varieties.

The powder comes in all kinds of different skin tones to fit a wide range of women’s needs. I personally use the Medium Beige variety. I apply it with a kabuki brush in gentle circular motions all over my face, putting a little more effort into my problem areas, like my forehead and nose.

Why I like Bare Minerals Original: It looks natural,  it’s made from natural ingredients, it blends well with skin tone, I can sleep in it, it doesn’t clog pores, it isn’t cakey like many other foundations, it’s relatively inexpensive ($25 and it usually last me 3 months), it covers light blemishes, and keeps skin from looking greasy.

Why I don’t like Bare Minerals Original: It is a hassle to travel with! When I open the container after it has bounced around in my luggage the powder explodes everywhere. It also doesn’t cover dark blemishes very well without causing build up. If my skin does break out, in the post process of acne healing, the foundation does not do well with flaky skin.

There is a variation to Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation, as well as complementary items. Bare Minerals also comes in a MATTE SPF 15 Foundation for those who have oilier skin or large pores they want to minimize, it is however $3 more than the Original. Besides the foundation I also use a blush in the shade of Warmth to add some color to my cheeks.

In summary, I’ve now been using Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation for three years and it’s the best foundation I’ve ever used.  Not only do I think so but according to their website, they have won 16 awards from companies such as Sephora and Cosmo. It’s a great foundation if you want a clean and natural feeling makeup for skin that is not excessively oily, or prone to dry blemishes.

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