Benitint Lip and Cheek Stain Review

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Written by: Diana Oliva

As much as I love lipsticks and powder blushes, it’s hard for me not to feel embarrassed when I leave my lip-prints all over my glasses, or kiss stains onto my boyfriends, or even worse get red on my teeth.  This cute little lip and cheek stain by Benefit sinks right into my skin and stays where I put it, leaving a light raspberry hue that can’t smear and doesn’t dry my lips out either.  It never looks cake-y on skin and is great for a long-lasting, natural rosy flush.  It’s fresh and wet, like stepping out of the pool or a shower.  The best thing for me personally about Benetint is just how light and fresh it feels on my skin.

Apparently, I am not the first person to include this product in my make-up bag must-haves either.  Benefit market’s the product as “innocent yet provocative,” and that’s a promise it keeps.  And it’s something that has earned it a spot on the 2010 Top 25 Elle Beauty Hall of Fame list – it won best cheek and lip stain. awarded it the best Highlighter/Multi-Tasker of 2010 in the their Total Beauty Awards, an Editors’ Pick.  And the list goes on, since Benetint has, not surprisingly, been around for a very long time.  In its long run, Benetint has become a favourite of celebrities and make-up aficionados alike.  Check out Scarlett Johansson sporting Benetint on the red carpet.

For the most part, I love Benetint and recommend it to anyone who wants a low-maintenance, fresh look now and then.  Although the bottle is a bit pricey at $28, it tends to last a very long time.  It takes just a few drops to coat lips or cheeks and it lasts for hours.  It’s classy, and easy.  My only qualms with it are that its stain is hard to remove, so you better practice steadying your hands before applying.  If this drops on your dress, plan on changing clothes and giving it a good laundering.  It’s important to remember that less is more with Benetint, because if you overcoat your lips or cheeks, it can dribble before your skin has the chance to soak it up.  And that dribble will leave it’s strong water-proof stain across your face.  Rubbing the stain will help blend it into your cheeks better – or else you’ll end up with two red dots where you applied the Benetint!  Last but not least, it’s important you commit to wearing this stuff once it’s on.  If for some reason you only want to wear lip tint for ten minutes and then change looks, it’s important you have effective make-up remover.  But other than that, this is a fabulous ends up being worth the price.

And if you liked Benetint, you should check the new SPF 15 Benetint lip balm, or my personal favourite, Posietint, the baby bubble-gum pink version of Benetint.

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