Coach's Poppy Perfume Spray

Coach’s Poppy Perfume Spray Review

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Written by Erin Brogan

When I walk by someone, one of the first things I notice is if they smell good.  Then I ask myself, are they wearing too much perfume/cologne since I can smell it?  Coach’s Poppy Perfume Spray defines that fine balance between too much perfume and a light touch expelling a beautiful scent.


This 1.7 oz. bottle found in most beauty supply stores such as Ulta or Sephora is priced at around $65.00. A steep price to smell pretty, but it will last you a year if you use it wisely. Coach’s Poppy Perfume Spray came out in July of 2010.  Redbook Magazine labeled Coach’s Poppy Perfume Spray as it’s July 2010 MVP stating, “Coach’s bold and playful Poppy line now has fragrance to go along with it.” The bottle is a refreshing light pink, capped with a round,shiny gold engraved cap and affixed with Coach’s signature label. Top it all off with an orange bow to capture your girlish side.



Coach's Poppy Perfume Spray
Coach's Poppy Perfume Spray

I was first presented to purchase this product during a trip to Sephora, and was captured by the light hints of cucumber softened by a blend of jasmine and gardenia flowers and candied rose petals.  The thing I enjoyed most about this particular fragrance was its lightness, in application and overall wear throughout the day. I did not wind up with a headache, as many new fragrances have been known to cause, and no one mentioned my smelling overpowering.


A disconcerting feature of this product is how quickly it fades. After spending a decent amount of money on a name brand product, I expect the product to last throughout the entire day. If I put it on in the morning before work, by the time I returned home, some 10 hours later it had completely diminished without a trace.



Described best as flirty, fabulous and fun, this product is for any female who enjoys smelling a little on the fruity side with a relaxing hint of cucumber.  A scent designed for its wearers, be sure to test it out and make sure its the perfect scent for you before you buy it (best done in stores).

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