Dark Under Eyes? Victoria’s Secret Concealer Palette to the Rescue

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Victoria’s Secret Pro Camoflauge FX Concealer Palette
Written by Isabel Sin

I have really bad and dark eye under circles and I had been struggling to find a good and decent product to work under my budget. I found the VS Pro Camoflauge Concealer Palette. The concealer palette, available in store and online, consist of 5 different shades – light, medium, dark, spot coverage and under eye coverage.

As you can see, on the right side is the apricot shade which is useful to cover dark under eye circles. According to a lot of other reviews that I have read online, apricot shade is good to counteract with blue-ish tones – which of course appears underneath our eyes most of the time. The green shade is good to cover blemishes. It is so useful, when I have pimples on my face and no other color could conceal it properly, this green shade is perfect for redness. I hardly use the light and dark concealer, as I am a medium skin toned Asian, but I do use the lighter one sometimes to conceal my eye (especially when they are nights I had to stay up to finish up my assignments). The price for this palette is fairly cheap – for less than USD $20. So you must be wondering – are there any downside to this product? Yes, of course! Nothing is perfect in this world. That is why we, women, need a wide range of products to cover up our faces.

Affordable price
Good range of colors
Full coverage
Long lasting

Palette color got sticky after a little while
Brush gets stick – need to clean after every week (just like other face makeup brushes)
Feels sticky on the skin
Under eye area looks cakey after covering up with foundation

Well this is not the BEST concealer I have used; for the price that I pay, this is decent product to play around with my make up all the time. It is also good for travelling as it is small and compact. Question is, would I continue buying this product? Well it depends. Like what I say, there are pros and cons with this product. I feel that I would be able to purchase a better product with that price – but I know a lot of concealers out there are really no cheap (especially MAC). But I guess it depends on you. I strongly believe most of the time people would only use at most 3 shades out of that concealer palette. I shall let you be the judge.

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