Hanes Men’s 6 Pack Active Crew Black Socks Review

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Hanes Sock Pack
Hanes Men's 6 Pack Active Crew Socks

Written by: Alex Hurley

The last thing most guys want to spend time thinking about is buying socks. It may not seem to be an important topic to think about, but when you’re on your feet all day you want to be sure that your feet are well cushioned while still looking sharp. Hanes Men’s 6 Pack Active Crew Socks are not only comfortable but they look good, no matter what setting you’re in.

As you might expect from Hanes, this is a quality product. It’s just about everything you could ask for from a sock: it’s comfortable on your foot all day long with a warm, thick cotton feel that is sure to last. You won’t be finding holes in these socks any time soon. They’re crew cut and I never have a problem keeping them up on my leg. The elastic is good and stretchy and isn’t in danger of wearing out any time soon. The black color is nice and solid and doesn’t fade, even after multiple washes. Whether I’m just walking about or going to work, the socks feel great and look good–as good as socks can look, anyway. There’s nothing flashy about these, but that’s what makes them ideal for wearing in virtually any situation. As far as socks go, these ones have everything you would want.

Hanes sock display
Hanes sock display

The socks aren’t perfect, though. When you initially start wearing them, you’ll notice plenty of fuzzy residue coming off the sock when you take them off. This lint has a way of sticking to your foot, particularly in between your toes, making them look just plain gross. Depending on what kind of carpeting or flooring you have, this could leave a lot of unsightly black lint lying around. This lint problem persists after the first few washes of the socks, so be warned that for the first month or two, you’ll see plenty of lint trails.

Since these socks are meant for a range of feet sizes based on shoe sizes 6-12, they are kind of meant as a one size fits all. However, if you’re on the low or high end of that spectrum, the socks will be a little loose or tight, respectively. I land right in the middle so they feel fine on me, but not everyone will have the same sock satisfaction. If you lean toward either end of the size chart, it might be better to find a sock that is specifically made for your shoe size.

Hanes Men’s 6 Pack Active Crew Socks retail for around $15.00 though Amazon typically sells them for a bit cheaper. It’s not a bad price for six pairs of good socks, especially since you won’t be needing to replace them anytime soon. The socks also come in grey for a less formal look. Lint or no, Hanes Active Crew Socks are great socks for just about any situation at a low price. With these on your feet, you can put sock purchases out of your mind for a long time.

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