Lipstick that Stays on All Day: Maybelline Super 24 Color

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"24 Hour Color"
Lip Color that stays on All Day

I  really don’t like when I apply my lipstick  and then have to re-apply it because I have eaten or drank something.  Now with Maybelline’s Super 24 Color,  I don’t have to worry about that anymore.  This is the best think to come along since sliced bread.  Ok maybe not really, but ladies here is finally a lip color that is long lasting that you’ll love to wear just as much as I do.  Maybeline Super 24  is very comfortable and its moves with your lips.  The lip color comes in  shades such as raspberry, violet, wildberry, day  to night brown (which I wear) and many more.  There are 30 shades so there is one for every woman out there!

You too can have luminous lips with no flaking or caking.  Maybelline’s Super 24 Color comes as a dual applicator with one side where you have your color and on the other side you have your lip balm. There is also no feathering, no fading, and no transferring.

What you do first is apply the color to your lips and what I do is wait about a minute or so and then add the balm, and I’m all set.  You can reapply the balm as needed and at the end of the night you can remove the lipstick with makeup remover that’s oil based.  You can go to work, from the gym, and out to dinner all without having to reapply your lip color.  Sarah Michelle Gellar uses Maybelline’s Super 24 Color and some of their other products on a regular basis.

The pros of using this lipstick is that the color and balm provides softness to the lips with ultra conditioning and you can easily buy a refillable balm that is sold in any drug store. The color glides on rather easy, and it smells really nice.  It’s also highly pigmented so you don’t have to use a lot, and it’s compact so it fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. The price is affordable, and you don’t have to worry about giving someone a kiss and having your lipstick on them.  The colors are excellent for every day wear, and won’t look strange when at the end of the day the rest of your makeup is gone. The con of using this product is that it doesn’t last for a full 24 hours, but it holds up for 16 wonderful hours.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more out of this product and it is definitely worth buying if you don‘t want to worry about applying and re-applying your lipstick color throughout the day.

You can find other products like this one by Cover Girl and Mac.  Cover Girl offers an Outlast All-day Lip color which costs around the same price as Maybelline if you aren’t a fan of theirs and Mac  has their Unsung Heroes: Impassioned Lipstick which is said to be famous for long-lasting rich color through out the day, but will cost you a pretty penny.  Maybelline has been around the longest out of all three and definitely has a reputation for being a product with great quality at a great affordable price.

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