MAC Studio Finish Concealer

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Looking for a lightweight but full coverage concealer? Try MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Written by: Chelsea Lee

Coming from MAC cosmetics, a powerhouse in the cosmetic world and market, it only seems fitting and quite obvious that I would find and come to call this product my holy grail concealer.

Finding a good balance between full coverage and natural looking skin has always been an issue for me, but MAC has created a product that saves me from my worries. $17 for a pot of concealer that can hide even your worst of blemishes? Though it seems slightly pricey, this product is definitely worth a try.

Enriched with antioxidants such as derivatives from Vitamin A and E, MAC Studio Finish Concealer not only effectively covers dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos, birthmarks, and whatever else you can think of, but it also helps to nourish and repair damaged skin. This lightweight, creamy, and long-wearing concealer is water-resistant as well as non-acnegenic. The water-resistant aspect is great if you live in a hot and humid place where you can easily sweat or rub your makeup off. What’s also great is that this concealer is thick enough to entirely cover serious dark circles, like mine, but it’s creamy enough to not feel like there’s a pound of makeup on your face. Containing Silica, this product helps to adsorb your skin’s oils,  making this concealer the most natural and also full coverage as possible. What I personally hated about other types of concealers was that they would just sit on top of my face and eventually fade altogether by late afternoon. With the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, it actually lasts a full 8+ hours and the fact that it contains a SPF of 35 with a range of 14 different shades are two much appreciated bonuses. For years, a trouble I had with choosing concealers was that as seasons changed, so did my skin tone. Having to constantly try and find a match with other concealers had always been so difficult due to their limited color ranges. With this MAC concealer, the 14 shades and 2 different types of skin undertone colors have never failed to match my sunburned, fair, or tanned skin after 5 years of using this product!

Having trouble finding a concealer to match your skin tone? Try out MAC's Studio Finish Concealer 14 different shades.

A few things to take note of for this product. Though the packaging is  sleek and practical, there’s one major downside. The pot does allow for easy access to the product by means of a makeup brush, sponge, or even your finger, but it’s not very durable. The clear plastic, on top of the pop-up lid,  usually breaks or comes off if I drop the product on a hard surface after a couple of times. So, if you’re a clumsy person like myself, maybe the MAC Studio Finish Concealer isn’t for you.  Another thing that I’ve noticed throughout the years of using this product is the smell. Even though on MAC’s website it says this product is fragrance free, I found that to not be the case. The product, much like most of MAC’s liquid and cream products, have a scent similar to that of clay. Eventually the smell fades away, but if you’re a person with a sensitive nose I would suggest trying another brand of concealer like Makeup Forever. Another downside to this product is that because this concealer is so creamy, it’s easy for it to crease up when trying to cover up fine lines or wrinkles on your skin. Personally, I only use this product for my under eye circles and as the day progresses, I sometimes find the product creasing along the corners of my eyes. To combat this, I just dust a little bit of finishing powder or powder foundation over the top once I apply the concealer.

A little recap:


  •  lightweight and natural looking
  • full coverage
  • wide range of colors and shades
  • practical packaging
  • great staying power
  • contains vitamins that repair your skin


  • for some skin types, a bit too creamy
  • slight smell reminiscent of clay
  • packing is not the most durable

MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer is a bit pricy in comparison to other types of drugstore concealers, but it’s eligible for Back to MAC. Bring in six empty containers, and you get to pick out a free item. (The website says it’s a lipstick, but I’ve also been offered my choice of eye shadow.) This product is a great everyday, no fuss type of concealer. Whether you need to cover up a pimple, birthmark, or under eye dark circles, this product can combat all of your skin’s inconsistencies.



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